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So I've developed this new habit lately of not spending time with my boyfriend and watching beauty gurus on YouTube instead. And now we insert a popular internet saying - sorry not sorry. Really though, I can't stop and eventually my bank account is gonna get real sick of the stuff all these girls are convincing me to buy. I whored a couple things out on my Instagram the other day, but there is so much more to that! While I may be ditching the dude and swiping my cards too much, I'm learning so much about my beauty needs. I mean, I am gonna be 32 next month, so it's beyond time for me to start taking serious care of my skin! I already have some crows feet that like to hang out when I smile - and I'd appreciate if it stopped there - so I've been trying some fancy anti-aging things. Beyond that, I've become more knowledgeable and skilled in my makeup routine and what products are working for me. But, I can't seem to get the hair going the way I want. I have this constant bad luck where every product I've ever loved in life gets discontinued - mostly when it comes to hair. So I'm always always always buying new stuff for my hair and right now I'm not loving anything.. yet.

But lets just get to the point and tell you why I'm here in this big white space today. Pretty simple actually, I just feel like sharing some of the things I've been loving!

Olay Cleaning System: Yes, just another Clarisonic knockoff but still, it's awesome. This comes with a microdermabraision scrub as well as a cleaning scrub. I use the cleaning every night before bed, and I'll add using the microdermabrasion 2-3 times a week with it. It feels so good, and my skin looks so alive after. And I got this on sale at Ulta for $30! (Clarisonic is like $150).

L'Oreal 1-Minute Revitalift Cream: Like I said, I've been trying some anti-aging things... I really love this so far. I don't believe the whole "results after one use" thing -ever- but I like it enough so far that I'm excited to see how my skin has lifted after a few weeks. Also known as, hopefully my crows feet shrink. Maybe it's all in my head, but when I look in the mirror after using it, I think my skin looks slightly younger. It smells pretty amazing too!

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation: Such a great drugstore foundation! I've been using Urban Decay Naked for awhile and it was just ok, good enough. But there has been so much rave about about this Revlon foundation, I had to try it. And now I don't really see me using anything else! And when applied with a Beauty Blender, just, incredible.

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer: I got this in a subscription box awhile back and I never bothered with it. I decided to give it a try recently and I'm liking it enough to use it all up. It's not the greatest primer at all, but it gives you a very summery glow! It does leave the skin extra moist, so I wouldn't suggest this to anyone with oily skin, like myself. I find myself using oil blots throughout the day more than normal, but it gives me such a pretty golden glow I can't stop using it yet. If you have normal/dry skin this is something to try! I use it when I'm short on time in the mornings before work and I don't even apply foundation after it, just some concealer and I'm good to go. Also, you can get this at Target!

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser: Speaking of concealer, I have found my favorite ever. Another drugstore gem! I was using the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Palette for a long time and still reach for it sometimes. But when I saw every single beauty guru using this Age Rewind bad boy, I had had had to get it. And yes! It is all the rage! I can't tell you how exciting it is to find drugstore products that actually work well! Stop what you're doing, and go get this now.

Beauty Blender: At this point, you should all own at least one of these. This is something I had seen in some videos last year and was dying to try but didn't want to spend the money. But then it showed up in a subscription box one day and all the clouds opened up. Nothing makes foundation look like this thing does. Although, I don't own any Sigma brushes yet [on the b-day list] so I guess that's not fair to say. But really, put your Target e.l.f. brush aside and invest in this little miracle sponge.

Make Up Forever Mist & Fix: Another Urban Decay product I had been using for months was their make-up setting spray. I like it a lot, especially the oil control one. But once it was empty, I wanted to try something different so I went the with MUF one. I've only used it a few times but I do think it holds slightly better and it smells really good! While I am satisfied with this one, I'm still on the hunt for a better one. Any suggestions?

And a not-so-favorite...
Prime Time Smile Active Blue Whitening Kit:  I didn't picture this one up top because, NO. What a load of garbage. I really wanted to get the Whitening Lightning brand but the boyfriend went ahead and purchased this one first. And ugh, what a waste of money. Do not buy this, it's such a lie. And they kinda screw you right on the package, which we didn't notice until after we took it home. First of all, it says results after one use (LOL), but it says that the whole process will be 7 uses. BUT the pen only contains 5 uses. So you already need to buy more of their crap just to get the full 7 uses. No thank you. Most importantly, it doesn't whiten! Like, at all!

Sidenote: In case you missed my mention of it on Twitter, I'm working on a Draw My Life video. If you were ever thinking of doing it, it's not easy (unless you had some silverspoon life) because trying to decide what you do and don't want to include is tough! Especially when writing about your childhood, and who you might hurt or call out. Also, stuffing 30+ years into about a 10 minute story is quite the challenge. On a positive note about the process, I'm finding it therapeutic. While it's hard to remember and/or relive some things, it's pretty cool to see how far you've come and all the things you've battled. Life is so weird.

I can't wait to complete it and share it with you.

NOT a sponsored post. Not even a little bit.


  1. kathy@vodkandsodaMay 27, 2014 at 6:14 AM

    1) i hate it when companies misrepresent their product! can you write them and complain? i totally would and get another package for free or get my money back. that's some bullshit right there.

    2) i love looking at beauty products that people love. i love my argan oil - that legit erased the fine lines from my eyes!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I NEED a beauty blender. NOW. RIGHT NOW. I've seen it on 89234 blogs and I've been waiting and waiting and no.. I NEED IT.

  3. I love watching youtube way too much as well! When I do I end up splurging on all the beauty products!

  4. Ok, that is it! I am getting a Beauty Blender and the Age Rewind stuff next time I am out. I mean COUNTLESS people rave about that all have to be on to something! Thanks for sharing, I love reading what other people are loving! Especially when it isnt a "sponsored Post."

  5. Okay I bought a L'oreal crayon concealer and it makes me have like.... lizard skin (lol) under my eyes! I hate it. I'm getting that age rewind stuff. Aaaaand I have a knock off beauty blender cause I am too cheap.

  6. i hate it too, like how can they just straight out lie?!
    i've never heard of argan oil for skin, only hair. which one do you use? because I NEED to erase my eye lines haha

  7. seriously, i need to be banned and thrown on a no-spending-binge! i end up wanting way too much after watching them! haha

  8. when you do, let me know how you like it!! :)

  9. do you use a primer? i just started using the Benefit Pore Professional this weekend and i put it under my eyes too and i didn't get any creasing :)
    how is the knock off BB? Since I got mine in a subscription box, I still eyeball the knockoffs but worry they're not as good.

  10. Dance With A DollyMay 27, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    Oh! I've been looking for a fixing spray!! Think I'll give that one a try!! Thanks for the suggestion!!

  11. I've heard awesome things about Revlon Photo Ready! They're prob my favorite brand as far as drugstore foundations go, PERIOD. I use ColorStay and I'm OBSESSED with it!

  12. I use the recitalist day cream for like 10+ years and I love it. I got that Pixi primer too but never used it. Better dig it out!

  13. let me know how you like it! i got the small bottle, in case i hated it i wasn't stuck with the big one $$

  14. I have to check out that Olay face line! I'd love a Clairisonic but they're so expensive :/

  15. Lots of great suggestions here! There's so many great drugstore products out there. Some probably may be better than the ones that are sold at Sephora/Ulta/Mac. I'm definitely going to have to try Revlon's Photo Ready coz I've heard so many great things about it. I may give Olay Cleaning system's a try but I love getting facials. They're so relaxinggggggg. Cleaning system might save me tons of $$ in the long run though. The beauty blender is something I want to try too. When I hit 30, I started paying attn to my skin more and taking care of wrinkles before they become even more noticeable than I'd like them to be...... that's how I got started w/ facials.... the things we do for beauty.... / looking young... :)

  16. Krystal KittermanMay 29, 2014 at 6:17 PM

    I have the Pixi primer, too. I am so bad about really knowing about makeup and how to make it look pretty and all that. I didn't notice much of a difference when using it. But I just put my makeup on & go. The problem I do have is when I do decide to wear eyeshadow, it all seems to navigate up to the crease & for the life of me I can't get it to stop! I want to use a setting spray but don't want to spend a bunch of money on it.

  17. Jamie GingerelliJuly 7, 2014 at 1:11 PM

    I have used the Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser before, but I don't find that it is enough coverage, do you apply anything else to it to increase the coverage?

  18. not particularly, sometimes i put it on under BB cream, then also over the foundation. is there something that you're using now that is better? i love this one, but i'm always looking for better :)

  19. Jamie GingerelliJuly 7, 2014 at 3:32 PM

    I recently went back to using Benefit Erase Paste, it is pricey, but a little tub lasts a really long time. I also am a huge fan of Revlon Photoready concealer, I see you're a fan of the foundation, which I love too!!

  20. and i love the PhotoReady finishing powder which i gushed about in today's post. so i will for sure give the concealer a try!!
    i'll have to look into the Benefit Erase Paste, the cool thing about pricey products is that they do tend to last longer so it's basically worth the splurge if it works.