Music With Meaning

We all love music, it's no secret that music saves us. While I love all genres of music, seriously all - I am personally attached to a small handful of artist who I feel comfortable to say that they saved my life. Literally. Today I just feel like posting a random song (the black hole of shuffle on your playlist) that means something to me. And I may even do this monthly. And if anyone cares, maybe we can turn it into a link up.

I listen to Mariah a lot. You may know this by now. So I'm gonna start this off with one of my favorite songs from the 2008 E=MC2 album. Oh and don't come here trashing her, I will school you! For 24 years she has helped me more than anyone else in my hardest times, starting with the years I was in a foster home. I don't care how much she has changed now, she will always be my savior. Her music has kept my heart beating, my eyes open and my soul alive.

Now that my protective rant is over, let's get started. This song is SIDE EFFECTS and without going into details of dark places in my past, I'll just say that this song really is so special to me.

I was a girl, you was a man, I was too young to understand
I was naive, I just believed everything that you told me
Said you were strong, protecting me then I found out that you were weak
Keeping me there under your thumb
Cause you were scared that I'd become much more than you could handle

Shining like a chandelier that decorated every room inside the private hell we built
And I dealt with it, like a kid I wished I could fly away but instead
I kept my tears inside cause I knew if I started I'd keep cryin' for the rest of my life with you
I finally built up the strength to walk away, don't regret it

But I still live with the side effects

Wakin' up scared some nights still dreamin' about the violent times
Still a little protective 'bout the people that I let inside
Still a little defensive thinking folks be tryin' to run my life
Still a little depressed inside, I fake a smile and deal with the s
ide effects

Vacant inside no one was there, couldn't be real, had to keep quiet
Once in a while put up a fight, it's just too much night after night
After a while I would just lie, you was dead wrong, said you were right
Did what I could just to survive, couldn't believe this was my life
Flickering like a candle, d
oing my best to handle
Sleepin with the enemy, aware that he was smothering every last part of me
So I broke away and finally found the strength to breathe...

Forgive but I can't forget it
Everyday I deal with this, I live with the side effects
But I ain't gon' let them get the best of me
...but I still live with the side effects.

photo and photo edit: myself


  1. great song, i like this idea for your post today. there are so many songs that effect us all in different ways! i would link up monthly to include this!

  2. Music can really help get us through just about anything we are going through in life. Great music pick.

  3. I love that you are so comfortable saying she legitimately saved you in your darkest times. It's amazing what artists who put meaning behind their work can do. I would link up!

  4. Krista KetterhagenJune 5, 2014 at 9:56 AM

    I love Mariah and that song! Excellent choice. I would definitely join in a monthly link up if you choose to do one.

  5. I love how inspired makes you feel! That warms my heart :)

  6. Yes YES! I love Mariah! A lot of her music has def hit home for me in the past!

  7. I love that song!!! I think this is a good idea, I may join you just give me a heads up :)