Went To Vegas With A Boyfriend, Came Back With A Fiancé

By now, if you follow me on Instagram - which you should - you have been made aware that I GOT ENGAGED! I don't even know how to tell this story because it's so all over the place. So I guess I'll start at some sort of beginning and then go all over the place and maybe you can follow along and if you can't it doesn't really matter because the moral of the story is that I got engaged and that's really the most important part. And this may or may not have been written in one breath.

When Robert moved here 3 years ago, we already knew we were gonna be together for life. Yes people, sometimes you just know. And so we went to look at rings one day, found the perfect one and then let it sit in the store until the money and timing was right. 

Fast forward 3 years when we went to Vegas for our friends wedding this June. When we got back, I had the Vegas itch and wanted to get the hell back there ASAP.  I "scammed" the boyfriend into going during opening weekend of NFL so he can be a part of the whole big sportsbook betting thingy and all that. Muahahaha. Apparently that's when his wheels starting turning.... I think at this point he already had the ring, or was about to. Either way, he knew that the Sept Vegas weekend was gonna be the moment. 

While waiting for September to arrive we may or may not have let it all come to the surface that he had the ring and it was all gonna go down in Vegas. Long story, no need for details, bottom line is that I knew. And that was ok. It turned out better that I knew because the ring was an entire size too big (smallest they sell in store) so we needed to get it sized down right. Imagine if he put a ring too big on my finger and I'm all crazy excited celebrating in Vegas... yea, that ring would have been gone in about 10 minutes or less. See, everything happens for a reason. After getting it sized, I tried to put it all out of my head as if I never knew. Which is why it was never mentioned here on the blog either.  

Fast forward to THE WEEKEND. We arrived late Friday night, checked into the hotel and all that jazz. Which by the way, if you ever want a calm and very clean and quiet hotel stay in Vegas, go to Vdara. It's smoke free and has no casino and placed perfectly in the middle of the strip. Legit best hotel. So anyways, my brother Kevin and his girlfriend Vanessa were also in Vegas and they were only three doors down from us! We met with them for a bit, and then headed out on our own. They had already been there all day and traveled from the east coast so they were beat. Robert and I headed out to gamble for a few hours and bla bla bla Vegas basics. I know, I know, get to the engagement!

Well, I'd get to it a lot sooner if it had happened when it was supposed to. But you know me, gotta ruin everything haha. Let's skip ahead to Saturday night... we had dinner reservations for all four of us at a (too classy for me) Italian restaurant. Since we were in Vegas, duh I had been having a few drinks all day long. Robert on the other hand was boring the shit out of me because he was just not himself and was not having a good liquid time with me. At dinner, wine was ordered. This may or may not have pushed me over to what some call white girl wasted. Oops. So the restaurant had a balcony that looked over the strip and after we finished we headed out there. My photographer brother had his camera with him, Robert was being weird and I was just excited about life because, booze. After a few minutes we headed back inside and back to the hotel. Long story short, he was gonna propose out there on the balcony and I was gonna get it all documented by Kevin which is something I always wanted. I've always said that I want that moment photographed or recorded so that we never forget it. But when he noticed how drunk I was, he opted out of making that moment be the moment. Good job Kelly, good job.

We got up very early on Sunday because remember, this was originally supposed to be a "let's bet on the NFL stuff" weekend. So we got up early to do that and headed out to the pool and met with Kevin and Vanessa there. Which didn't last more than about 2 hours because of course, some black clouds rolled in with thunder and lightning and it was a monsoon for the rest of the time there. Our foursome split up to do our own things and Robert and I headed out onto the strip - rain and all - and just bounced around place to place. Occasionally I would catch him checking his pocket. I knew he had the ring on him. He was still being weird and too sober for Vegas. So for hours we're out and about, gambling, watching him check his pocket, and I'm regretting being so white girl wasted the night before because I would already be engaged and I was done waiting. But I kept waiting anyways. We stopped in Planet Hollywood because I secretly wanted to run into Britney Spears and omg that place is Britney everything! Like, everything. It was amazing. I'm getting off track.

Let's fast forward some more, I swear the moment is coming. It was approaching an hour of "we've been up for almost 24hrs", but we didn't wanna go back to the hotel yet and I was hungry. We stopped inside MGM to grab a bite to eat. This is where he got really weird. He was just not himself. Our food came and I was like "let's eat" and he was like "no." And I was like oh em gee it's about to happen. WITH NO ONE AROUND TO DOCUMENT IT! And yep, that's when it happened. I had never in my life seen someone so adorably nervous before. He asked me to be his wife, slipped that 3 year old ring on my finger and I SAID YES. Duh. The instant that moment was over, he was back to his normal self. He was so bogged down the whole weekend because it had been weighing on him and when it didn't go as planned (good job Kelly) it really threw him off and he was sad and even more nervous. SORRY ROBERT.

So yea, now I have a fiancé and it's pretty cool, even though not much changes in our life other than my finger is all shiny ;) and DeNiro's parents are that much more committed. And although it didn't go as planned, like at all, it was still the most intense and special moment of my entire life.

We've had a lot of questions already of a wedding date and all that... no, we don't have a date yet. We will be getting married back home in Boston so the whole long distance planning thing is just some sort of stress I ain't ready to deal with yet. We just wanna enjoy being engaged for awhile and when we're ready to take on pile of stress and travels back and forth to MA, we'll be diving in head first. We did already pick our honeymoon spot though! And I do have a favorite venue that I've been in contact with for awhile. But nothing can really be set yet until we go home again and that won't be until March, maybe. So for now, we're just chillin' and smiling.

On our last day there, it was still raining so we were unable to go out and take all the awesome pictures we wanted to take. So the few you see above are just some random ones that my brother took so that we could at least have something from that weekend. He does have more photos and I will be posting when they come my way.

Thanks for all the kind words and congrats that so many of you have already sent our way!!!

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  1. AWWWWWWWW, what a great story! Every engagement story is amazing and that's sooo fun it was in Vegas!!! :) CONGRATS!

  2. "I was just excited about life because, booze."

    i think that was my favorite part of the whole post (other than the obvious engagement part).

    CONGRATS lady!

  3. Yayayayay! I also knew that Jake had the ring, and he was planning to wait until New Years Eve, but the day he picked up the ring (Dec 22) he called me and asked "If i had something... awesome... to give you, would you want me to wait for a special plan, or do you just want it now?" Of course I knew what he was talking about and said NOW NOW NOW! Our engagement was his plan and didn't involve flowers or any other big things, but it was perfect, and we were able to see all of our family for Christmas and be engaged for that, so it was perfect! I'm so happy for you!

  4. I love this!! Congrats again Kelly! You guys make the cutest couple and give me hope that someone is out there for me. Glad you guys had a great time in Vegas despite the weather. I'm also relieved that he waited until you were sober cuz you might have gotten mad at him lol.

  5. oh congratulations!! I think it's sweet that he was so worried about making it perfect! also, I really dig that jacket you're wearing in those photos.

  6. Congratulations! I love when the stories are just true the the couple and not just the over the top impersonal ones I seem to always be reading about. What an adorable story!

  7. Congrats girl!!! The most important thing is it happened...and you have an engagement story nonetheless....which not everyone does (ie: me!!).

  8. Congratulations!! That is exciting! And I feel like I'd do the same thing, get too excited (or ridiculously nervous) and then he couldn't propose because I wasn't all there. I'm glad it worked out though!

  9. congrats my fellow engaged blogger lady friend!

  10. Congrats! So very, very happy for your both!

  11. Congratulations!!! What a great trip!!!

  12. thank you!!! i love that it was in Vegas ;)

  13. bahahaha i think those are my fave parts too!
    thank you!! xo

  14. hahaaha now now now! yea the simplicity is better than a big production.
    thank you!!

  15. thank you! xo
    i'm glad he waited too because honestly it's already hard to remember the details (because you're so in the moment, which is why i wanted it documented) but if it had happened when i was white girl wasted i would be sooo bummed because i wouldn't remember a thing at all, this post would be blank hahah

  16. aww thank you so much!
    very true, more often than not the planned is not what's perfect!

  17. thank you!!!
    thanks, one of them is from forever21. and then the one with the grey hoodie in it, when we were walking in the rain i stopped in a Ross and grabbed a jacket haha

  18. thank you! i agree, a big production sounds nice at first, but it's much better being simple and personal.