A Spending Freeze

Yup. I'm on one. I kinda say this all the time. But I really took steps this time. All my credit cards are left at home and all my saved payment info has been deleted from all my favorites sites. *cough* Sephora *cough*. The fiance's birthday is coming up fast right along with Christmas so it's about time I stop spending on myself and actually be responsible generous to others instead.

Do you have any idea how hard this is when "OMG SALE!" emails keep popping up in my notifications and umm hello, black Friday cyber Monday coming up soon! (I don't mess with black Friday, I have zero patience.... remember?)


I've been on this freeze for a little over 12 hours, most of which I was sleeping, and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Just kidding. There really isn't anything I'm dying to buy right now, I just felt like being dramatic for a moment. I haven't spent much time here on this blog in 2014 so I'm not used to all this. Have you noticed how similar this is to the last post? Like what even is this? What am here to write about? I don't know. I just wanted to show up and say hi. And maybe ask you a few questions and tell you a few things:

  • This is ironic with my spending freeze and all but I'm GIVING AWAY $50 Paypal cash over on Shane's blog! Like I said, time to start being more generous to others and not so much to myself right now. So head on over there to check that out because I'm also sharing my popular Fireball Hot Toddy drink recipe!

Now onto the burning question... the one that I'm beating dead into the ground because well, I'm not really getting any answers. Sad emoji. Video topics! What are your favorite videos to watch on YouTube? I've got a long list of ideas; the popular and typical ones and a bunch of others as well. But since you will be the ones watching (I hope) I want to know what YOU enjoy seeing. Below is a poll with some categories to help me serve you better

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Many thanks to you all for your support! Have a beautiful weekend!



  1. i fixed it to Survey Monkey. hopefully it works now!

  2. I can't handle Black Friday either (ummmm especially now that it's more like Thanksgiving Day), and highly prefer Cyber Monday. No crowds, shopping in my pj's, and hello ebates :)

  3. I voted!

    We are venturing out on thanksgiving to get a tv that hubs really wants. But other than that we do cyber Monday. So much easier.

  4. good luck! i need to do a spending freeze too - i've been so tempted lately by all those sale emails ahh.

  5. thank you!
    yea cyber monday is awesome. especially for people (like me) who already fully love and enjoy online shopping haha

  6. thanks! i sort of broke it at Target this weekend but it was for xmas decor since i'm trying to not be a grinch and actually make my home festive haha. but I also put back a lot of stuff since Target is expensive and I was like "i'll go to Hobby Lobby instead". baby steps.... hahaha

  7. I NEED to do a spending freeze. eeeeek- you go girl! and I voted for "drunk anything" obviously...


    i don't have the strength.