Yea, I Have Goals

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, like literally there may even still be a Halloween party or two going on somewhere. But of course, Christmas is already being stuffed in our faces and shoved down our throats and I think I'm already choking on candy canes. And since I don't like being left behind, I'm just gonna go ahead and jump a step ahead of all that and get right into my goals for 2015. So, ha! Hashtag winning, I'm already pimping out January 1st. Shove it, Santa.

Blogging Goals: Yes, I have them. Just because I decided to start making YouTube videos, doesn't mean I'm totally ditching this place. I realize that I have been very "meh" in the blog world this year. But if you were following along, I was going through some "self awareness" shit and I really just didn't have much to come here and say very often. And sadly, putting my own blog on the back burner caused me to put some of yours there as well. I don't read as much, and I certainly don't comment as much (when I do read). And even more importantly, I got really bad at replying to comments on my own posts. Yep, I became one of those. And I'm sorry. Forgive me? So in realizing all of this, my blogging goals moving forward are as follows:
  • Interact more with my readers
  • Read my favorite blogs at least once a week 
  • Hit up the blogs of some new readers that comment on my posts
  • Post more than 4 times a month (think I can aim for twice a week?)
  • Comment more on the blogs I do read, instead of just "read and leave"

"Save the excuses. It's not about having time, it's about making time. 
If it matters, you will make time."

Life Goals: I don't even know where to begin with this because I had so many changes in 2014 and there are things that are still changing everyday and Robert and I have big changes that are moving fast and will be huge by this time next year. <- not wedding or baby related! But I think what I need to concentrate on most in my life are still the things within myself. I'm still learning to find peace, and to be calm in situations that don't require me to go from 0-100. And I'm still lacking the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But seriously, why is that so hard? I'm going to continue working on becoming a better me with the following:
  • Breathe
  • Say kind things to myself 
  • Figure out some kind of food and exercise regimen that I won't randomly give up on
  • Be more supportive of others
  • Maintain better contact and relationships with family and friends that are 3000 miles away
  • Stop being late to work AKA get more sleep

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."

YouTube Goals: Weeeeee! I suppose this list could be really long or really short. For the sake of keeping things simple, we'll go with short. For the months leading up to me actually starting the channel, I was adding video ideas to a list in my phone. There are currently 31 things on that list and some of those things have a list within them. So I'm definitely prepared with ideas but always wanting more so tell me what you'd like to see! If you watched my most recent video (skipping to 3:01) you'd think I've got the "stage fright" thing under control. But I don't. Every time I turn the camera on, I freeze, I panic, I talk to myself, I start my intro 109539 times, and all the awkward stumbling is edited out. Having said that, confidence is clearly on this list: 
  • Don't let the nerves get to me
  • Be more comfortable and confident
  • Purchase a better camera (eyes on the Canon 70D)
  • Sharpen my editing skills/drop iMovie and purchase Final Cut Pro
  • Build my audience 

So listen up 2015, I'm coming for you. With last years post, I thought I'd have a handle on 2014 but that bitch snatched me up and tried to drown me. But I've put my scuba gear on and I'm ready to dive in! 

 "Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. 
Life is happening now."

Most recent video: 50 Facts About Me

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  1. i found it Pinterest, of course ;)
    I've heard that before too and I think it makes absolute sense, I just wish it was easier to live by haha. like why do we all set such big picture goals when smaller ones are much more possible?
    right!? like what's the big deal about Xmas that Thanksgiving has to get the shaft? Xmas means blowing money you don't have and Thanksgiving means food.

  2. Don't get me wrong! I definitely love Christmas! But I also love Thanksgiving, and I wish so many people wouldn't skip over it.. Food is the best. (:

  3. Those are some pretty awesome goals there. And all of them are definitely attainable. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  4. klutz in high heelsNovember 10, 2014 at 9:33 AM

    i love thanksgiving too!! it saddens me that turkeys, pilgrims and cornucopia don't get the love!

  5. i feel like you wrote this with pom poms waving! :) :)

  6. Great goals! Breathe and stop being work to late (AKA MORE SLEEP) has been a goal of mine for months. Time to actually do it now!

  7. I was on time for work yesterday! ...but then late today. Baby steps lol