How To NOT Wear Your Makeup

I've had a rough week. I've been suffocated and choked out by anxiety day after day. It hasn't been this bad in almost a year. However, when I decided to create a YouTube channel, one of the main reasons was to hopefully help with my anxiety struggles. As nerve racking as it is to get in front of the camera, it really has been helping calm me down. While I didn't have it in me to do any kind of talk through video, I did want to do something silly and simple that would lift my spirits a bit. And as I've said before, the editing process is my favorite. It gives me hours of something to focus on, it puts me in my own little world where I have complete control over every moment and detail. It is truly therapeutic. 

HAVING SAID ALL THAT.... I now present to you my most fabulous makeup tutorial you could ever imagine! Come on, I look gooooood. 
Happy Friday, you sexy beasts! 

Kat Von D Foundation
Maybelline Super Stay concealer
Milani bronzer
Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit
[I forget the names of the blushes - got them in an ipsy]
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade
Makeup Geek shadow in Neptune and Corrupt
Urban Decay Vice 3 - Alien
ColourPop - Tassel
Cover Girl Perfect Blend eyeliner
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
TooFaced Better Than Sex mascara
Pink lip liner (not sure of brand, picked it up at the Morphe store but it's not Morphe)
NYX Butter Lipstick - Razzle
e.l.f. false lashes


+ Lucky Day - YouTube Audio Files


GRWM - Dramatic Date Night Eye

If you're still shopping for your friends/family, check out my Blogger/YouTuber Gift Guide!



  1. legit. you still rocked that look. I'm just saying.

  2. Haha but I mean, electric blue eye shadow is so you. With the cheeks and bubblegum pink lips, of course.

  3. after i finished, i was like wait if this was done properly this may actually be a good look hahaha (without the lipstick ew)

  4. the bubblegum lips pull the whole thing together beautifully haha

  5. haha loved this

  6. I'm dying from LOL ...
    You're so funny ! That's hilarious !!! :-)

  7. Haha very very good.

    Isn't it funny, I use youtube for the same reasons. For some reason it relaxes me, and helps keep my mind off things that cause the anxiety. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. had a feeling YOU would get a kick outta that ;)

  9. thanks!
    yea you would think it would make anxiety worse because it IS scary to get in front of the camera. but it's a different kind of scary i guess. youtube is my therapy :)

    what is your channel?

  10. hahaha i love this, it is awesome/terrifying