Get Ready, Life Update

I'm on day five of suffering from allergies. It is subsiding but this has completely exhausted me of all energy I could ever possibly have. I need a week in bed. I'm behind in all things life and blogland. I promise, things are gonna get more exciting around here. It's the jump off that I'm struggling with. I bought two planners and I have two notebooks that I'm putting ideas and "diagrams" in almost daily, for blog posts and videos. I just need my 24hrs to actually really be the same as Beyonce's. I mentioned on Twitter recently (and a few others were in the same boat) that it's really difficult to commit to blogging when I spend 9 hours a day sitting at a desk in front of a computer. My ass, my back and my eyes are absolutely shot by the time I get home. As much I mentally want to sit down a bang out a few blog posts, I physically can't do it. So I tell myself that I'll set aside a few hours over the weekend and then "life happens"... all the errands you can't do during the week have to happen, all the time you miss out in the week with your significant other has to happen, or in my case allergies have to happen far too often. I envy those of you that manage to keep your blog relevant while working full time... HOW do you do it?!

I've had this mentality that I wouldn't blog just to blog, I always wanted to have content with substance... but let's face it, my life is boring haha. I've been brainstorming some things and I'm trying to find a way to bring more inspiration to this little space of mine. I toyed with the ideas of "favorite pins" and "instagrams that inspire" and share why they stood out to me and what they do for me, mean to me. I feel like I've abandoned this place because I didn't have much to offer as a "lifestyle" blogger since my life is pretty uninteresting. But we all need a little kick of inspiration sometimes and thought that could be something fresh to bring this blog back to life. Let me know what you think..... wait, is anyone still here??

On a more personal note, I wasn't going to mention this until after I had some answers but I've already titled this "life update" and I'm far too lazy to drag the mouse up there to delete it. So let's roll with it. Last week I had a doctor appointment that didn't go as I had expected. Keeping all my over dramatic details to a minimum, I had an abnormal EKG and well, I lost my shit. Miss paranoia, miss anxiety, miss scared of everything, had a meltdown and immediately thought she was gonna die. Let's move over to when I grasped reality and did what I'm supposed to do... chill the fuck out and make an appointment with a cardiologist. My appointment is this Friday and as much as I've told myself "no big deal, it's probably nothing, keep calm until you have answers"... the panic has been sitting in me since last week. But again, I don't have any answers yet, but there is heart disease in my family history so I'm really hoping when I come back with an update for you guys that it really is "no big deal". 

Let's move on to the entertainment!!!!!!! While dying from allergies this past weekend, I had a brilliant idea to film a video. Why? Anything to keep my mind off of this upcoming doctors appointment. All while learning that someone who is already bad at liquid liner should certainly not take a chance at it while sick. And apparently I didn't have enough energy to BLEND cuz damn them cheeks is harsh. But if you've been following along, you know editing is my favorite part and that's what really keeps my mind off other nonsense, so any excuse to film is an excuse to edit!  Enjoy! 

Products Used:
*E Y E S
NYX Jumbo Pencil - milk
Morphe Brushes
  #64 - #71 - #53 - #6 (Jaclyn Hill Palette) | enter the giveaway here!
  #28 true black matte
Too Faced waterproof liner
Kat Von D tattoo liquid liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara
Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara

*F A C E
Maybelline Master Studio Primer
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation
Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer
NYX Set It and Don't Fret It powder
ABH contour kit - fawn and banana
Maybelline Master HiLight blush - mauve
Urban Decay setting spray

*B R O W S (not shown)
ABH brow wiz - soft brown
ABH brow pomade - caramel
NYX clear brow gel

*L I P S
Colorpop liner - lumiere
NYX butter gloss - creme brulee

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  1. The EKG will be no big deal. I hear you on the first paragraph completely, I'm so exhausted from sinus headaches and the blog suffers. Blah.
    I'll watch the video when I get home, I definitely want to see this one!

  2. You're adorable allergies and all. Feel better love!

  3. Hope everything goes well at the doctors appointment!

  4. Can't wait to watch this one!!!

  5. I wish I could just think my blog post and it would just appear on it's own. that's some technology that someone needs to get working on.

  6. All will be good girl I am sure! :) & btw I love NYX products!

  7. You will be okay. It may just be your cold that's throwing off a rrythem. Be calm and stay positive. On that note don't look at your life is boring. You write really well. You will find your niche. Don't search too hard it may be under your nose. And as far as your cold goes... Have you tried peppermint essential oil? Feel better!

  8. stick in there, Kelly!

  9. you are so naturally pretty :) and I love that you use drugstore makeup instead of high end.