7 Simple Things You Should Do Everyday

I personally am obsessed with lemons and you can bet your life that I will ask for "water with lemon" every single time I'm out to eat somewhere. Luckily, lemons have really incredible health benefits! Including them in your daily intake will do wonders for your body. The list is practically endless but here are just a few benefits:

  • cleanses the liver
  • alkalizes your body, helping it maintain a higher level of pH to help fight off diseases
  • improves the condition of your skin
  • aids in digestion
If you're not into lemon, at least make sure you're downing a lot of water throughout the day. If you do feel like sprucing it up a bit, try adding cucumber slices or some berries.

Every morning I stretch my back out before I get out of bed by waking my body up with 3 simple moves. I'm no yogi but I do my best upward facing dog, childs pose and cats pose before my feet even hit the floor. It prevents me from hitting snooze for the 6th time, wakes my joints up a bit and feels really good! I sit at a desk all day for work, so I make sure to get up every few hours and stretch out again, but not with the same moves... imagine walking past my cubicle seeing me on all fours! 

Being outside is a proven stress reliever and it also makes you more creative! Try sitting outside on your lunch break, taking a short walk after work, or sitting on your balcony or porch to read (or sip a cocktail like I would do). Something about the fresh air can really soothe a bad day. (If you're under 100 inches of snow right now, we can discuss this in a couple months...) 

READ SOMETHING: Exercise your brain with something other than work! Catch up on your favorite blogs, pick up your favorite magazine, or that book you started 3 months ago that has been collecting dust, go ahead and read just one chapter. 

LIGHT A CANDLE: The list of soothing, relaxing, refreshing, and invigorating scents is endless! Let your favorite aroma fill the room, sit back and breathe it in. Are we all daydreaming about a Bath and Body Works shopping spree now? I am....

BE THANKFUL FOR SOMETHING: We used to live in a world where you would walk past someone and smile and say hello. Now we look down at our phones when someone is approaching and check our Instagram to see how many likes our last photo got. It's all about me me me these days. Let's brush up on our gratitude and remember that other people exist too. When someone holds the door for you, instead of rushing through with a "thanks!", try to get eye contact and say "I appreciate you".  Say thank you to the person that is bagging your groceries, I bet they don't hear it that often! A simple moment of gratitude can lift your day as well as someone else's. 

LAUGH: Watch some funny cat videos on YouTube or some idiots eating barf flavored jelly beans (see below). Get comfortable with your Netflix and browse through the comedy genre and get yourself laughing. Laughter has been proven to be a positive effect on your health!

And since I want you to be healthy, I promise you'll get a good laugh out of this nonsense. I dragged the fiance into a torture chamber of the Bean Boozled Challenge and well, I will just say that he is a trooper! Me, not so much. Take a break from your day and have a laugh at our expense! I know it's 20 minutes but I truly promise that it will not feel like it because time flies when you're having fun, right? And you will definitely enjoy our suffering!

. . . . . . . . . . .

What small things do you find yourself doing everyday to keep yourself positive and healthy? Let me know in the comments, as I'm always looking for other ways to brighten my days!

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Valentine's Day Gift DIY For Friends/Co-Workers

"love is about serving one another"

Oh hey there blog land! I've come out from under that rock and I have exciting things to share! Let's get lovey dovey first since Valentine's day is creeping up so fast. As someone who didn't "celebrate" Valentine's Day for like an entire decade, or longer, I totally understand how all the single ladies all the single ladies feel. So I wanted to get into the "holiday spirit" in a way that can work for everyone! I'm also like the furthest thing from being crafty so I've got the easiest DIY gift ever for you! But the most important part is that it includes BOOZE.

Check out my video for a super quick, super easy, cute and boozey gift you can share with your friends, co-workers, mom, aunts, neighbor, anyone that likes free alcohol handed to them in a decorative manner.


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I also wanted to share with you that my cousin has started a YouTube channel! Please check her out, it's much better than mine! She's got this YouTube thing down already!  Her channel will focus on so many things within living a healthy lifestyle - even when you're consumed by a life of busy work. I've seen her list, she's already got over 100 videos planned out for you! And the diversity of content and topics is incredible!  She's got a few videos up already, high quality and she likes to keep them short and to the point. And also, my lovely bloggy friends, she has a blog to go with it!

Healthy Working Girl

To stick with the theme of this post, check out her brand new Valentine's video where she shares some love advice and helpful sources, and some gift ideas.


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