My Current Skincare Routine

My skin is far from perfect and I will admit that I started taking care of it way too late. I wish I knew back when I was a teenager how important it is, because I've got quite a mess to clean up. For the past month or so I've been consistently using these products and for once I am starting to see an actual difference. My over-sized pores have gotten a little bit smaller, my overall skin tone is beginning to even out and while I still get a pimple or two, I'm not getting any major breakouts. Which also means I'm starting to feel more confident with less makeup (AKA ditching the foundation for just a BB Cream!)
Check out my routine in this quick video! 

Product Details & Why They Work For Me:

  • Biore Makeup Remover Wipes - I've probably tried 10957 different brands of makeup wipes but I'm currently addicted to these ones because they don't break me out. But I don't use them to remove my eye makeup because it burns!

  • Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover - When I first got this, I hated it and stuffed it in the back of the cabinet. I pulled it out recently and realized I hated it because I was doing it wrong... you have to shake it! Haha, idiot. Now, I love this more than any other eye makeup remover that I've ever used! It's so gentle and gets off every spec of makeup!

  • Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash - I was using the Philosophy Purity Wash for awhile but decided to switch to an exfoliating one. Not only is it such a great brand, I love that this is gentle enough to use daily instead of only exfoliating a few times a week. However, I only combine it with the cleansing brush once a week.

  • Bioderma Cleansing Water - This was sitting in my Amazon list forever and after watching so many great reviews, I finally took the jump. And this was the BEST skincare decision I've ever made. You think that the makeup remover wipes and the face wash would get everything off? Nope. Bioderma goes deep and really truly removes everything. I can't believe how many years I walked around with a "clean" face. Lies, all lies. Also, you can use this on it's own to get all your makeup off. ALL of it (I just prefer the other steps too because I'm picky). I will use this product for all eternity. Go get you some!

  • Dickinson's Witch Hazel - I never in a million years would have imagined that plain old witch hazel is the best toner ever. I used to have the oiliest skin ever and since I've started using this I'd say my oil has dropped like 95%. No joke. I used to have to use oil blotting sheets multiple times a day and now I don't use them at all!

  • Rhoto Ice Eye Drops - Not really skin care but it's part of my routine. And as you can see in the video, they burn my eyes to death. I don't know why I still use them... I don't recommend them. Ouch.

    moving on... 

  • AcneFree Terminator 10 - If you watched some of my last few videos, you can see I had a massive cystic zit for a long time right between my eyes. It was there for at least a month. I gave this cream a try and that giant jerk on my face was GONE in two days. A real life cystic pimple killer! Where has this stuff been all my life? [and now I have another next to my eyebrow... why does my face love to torture me between my eyes!?)

  • Lush Lip Scrub - I have the worst chapped lips and have tried way too many useless treatment products. And then this entered my life. It also tastes delicious and I have the mint one too and yummm. But really, my lips are so soft and very appreciative after using this scrub.

  • Pond's Anti-Wrinkle Cream - I can't say much for what it does for wrinkles because I'm beyond a cream point and really just need Botox. But so far this is the only cream that I can put all over my face and not get a breakout. I'm terrified to try new face creams because I'm afraid of having a bad reaction, this one does me good so it's my staple.

  • Valentia Vitamin C Serum -  I should have dedicated a whole post to this item... I'm gonna keep it as simple as possible. THIS STUFF MADE MY PORES SMALLER! I swear. I was super suspicious of it and all it's claims but I went for it anyways (highly recommended by my friend Niki) and I don't regret it for a moment. I'm not the biggest fan of the price tag but I have never found something for my horrid face that is as worth every penny as this serum. Of course, everyone's skin is different... but I absolutely swear by this and will buy this product for all eternity also! It smells amazing (like oranges), makes my dull skin glow, did I mention it made my pores smaller?

Other products I switch to sometimes: Lush Tea Tree Water toner, rose water toner, First Aid Beauty cleanser (shown in my Quick Everyday Makeup video) <-- notice how crappy my skin was back then! Even good makeup will be bad on a poor quality canvas...

I'm still on the journey to improving my skin and there are a lot of products and home remedies I still want to try, so stick around for updated skin care in the future!  Also, who has gotten Botox and wants to share their experience with me? I really want/need it!

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DISCLAIMER: what works for me, may not work for you... 

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Makeup for Beginners on a Budget

This is a big year, my little sister is going to be starting high school in August. Like, what?! She's at the age that her and her friends are starting to experiment with makeup. I recently went through all of my makeup and sent her a huge package of makeup so she could get started. (seen on IG).  I wish blogs, YouTube and Pinterest existed when I was 14, what a world of information to help you get started. I decided to join in on the fun and put together a simple little shopping list for my sister, her friends, teens, and anyone starting out in experimenting with makeup... especially on a budget!
Of course, the options are endless but here are some of my favorites. 

Foundation/BB Cream: I personally think that a BB Cream is a better option for her age group but I don't make the rules, so I included foundation as well. 

Concealer: Getting up early for school can certainly create some dark circles, and we all know this is the age when those jerks (pimples) start to show up. 

Setting Powder: The days are long, you don't want your makeup melting off after 3rd period.

Blush: For a more natural look, I like to choose a peach/coral shade. 

Bronzer: When I don't have time to really contour, I at least like to warm up  my face with a touch of bronzer. 

Eye Shadow Base/Primer: To keep your shadows from creasing and fading away. Or use alone just to wake the eyes up a little by concealing veins and redness. 

Eye Shadow: I'm a sucker for palettes, it's great to have what you need all in one place. Keeps it simple. 

Eye Liner: The Cover Girl pencil pictured is an oldie but a goodie. I always go back to it, it's a perfect classic pencil and comes with a smudger to smoke out your liner if you want. It's a legit essential to have in your makeup collection. 

Mascara: I don't care what I do or don't do to my face when it comes to rushing out the door in the morning, I will never skip mascara. It makes all the difference! 

Lips: The options in the drugstore are endless, but I love my NYX butter glosses. They're so affordable and don't take up much room at all in your makeup school bag. 


Brushes: All e.l.f.  and Real Techniques. Both are affordable (e.l.f. is $1-$3) and really great quality! And Sonia Kashuk has some great affordable ones too. 

What are your favorite drugstore products and essentials? Let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more makeup essentials as well as a video that I'll be adding to my channel that will be based on what/how to apply the basics - personally requested by my sister and her friend :) 

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