Pool Day Essentials

It's that time of year again! (Let's pretend that someone not living in southern California just wrote that). But really though, summer is here and now is the time we all start heading to the pool, the beach, the lake, any kind of body of water that you can find! My birthday is this week, today actually, so I'm taking two days off work to be by myself and relax by the pool. Plot twist, my blog name is my birthday. Who already knew that? 

My apartment complex isn't really on the luxurious side and they don't bother ever taking care of the pool furniture so laying out there often makes my eyes roll. This time though, I went prepared. Screw their stupid broken lounges, I'm bringing a float! How did I never know that it's way more comfortable to catch a tan when you're floating around in the pool instead of next to it? What world have I been living in?  Along with my float, I brought out some other summertime-body of water necessities. 

swimsuit | sunglasses

  • A book - to keep my mind on something other than the heat. And plus I'm so close to finishing Ronda's book I needed it with me! 
  • Sunglasses - I never take my nice sunnies to the pool, things get too messy with suntan oil and pool water and all that, so I always bring out a cheap pair. 
  • Pool Float - You can snag one for under ten bucks at places like Target and CVS, that's what I did. 
  • Outfit - bathing suit, flip flops and some sort of cover up if necessary. 
  • SPF and tanning oil - I like to use something that brings out the bronze more, but I always make sure to put something stronger on my face, especially my eyelids. And don't forget a protective lip balm too! 
  • Water! - Don't ever be fooled by the sun, always have water with you. I keep mine under a towel or chair so it's not directly in the sun. 
  • A boozy beverage - if you're feeling frisky. My personal favorite lately, as I mentioned in my May Favorites video is the Viniq Ruby with ice, fresh lime and seltzer water. So good!

Let me know what some of your summer staples are, while I'm out spending my birthday on my silly little $10 float! Oh and since it's my birthday, can you please subscribe to my YouTube channel? Ok byyee!



  1. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day at the pool!! Love that swimsuit, so cute!

  2. I KNEW! I actually thought of it when I checked the date earlier today. Haha! I would have to wear at least SPF 80 or I turn into a lobster.

  3. Such a gorgeous bathing suit, that deep red is stunning!

  4. Sun lotion is a must for my pool day. I hate being tanned.