L O R A C Eye Shadow Palette | Giveaway

Hi friends! I'm bringing something a little different to this little place today. Over time I've been collecting some products to include in a "big" giveaway to be held in the future. I was going to get a whole bunch of products to send off to one lucky winner. But I sorta dazed off today and started thinking about it and changed my mind. I don't do giveaways often at all, and I wanted more than one person to be able to win. As with the other giveaways I've done, there's always been more than one winner (seen here).  But this time I wanted to do separate giveaways so that you have more opportunities to win!  Does that make sense? I think I'm rambling now... 

Over the next several weeks I will be giving away the following products:

- LORAC Alter Ego Dream Girl Eye Shadow Palette
- LORAC Royal Lip Set
- BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop

The first gem to go will be the: 
Dream Girl palette! 
(the opened one is mine, obvi).  


In my last giveaway, I asked that everyone share something that inspires them. I had hundreds of incredible stories to read and it was amazing!!  This time around, I want you to share what makes you feel beautiful. For me, it's the sunshine. Something about the way that the heat feels when it bounces off my skin, it makes me happy and being happy makes me feel beautiful. 

swatches can be viewed HERE


Now as with any giveaway there is the not-so-fun part, the rules.  In the past when I've done giveaways, people have been really slimy and I'm not putting up with that anymore. I only want supportive and positive people on this journey with me. So having said that, here we go:
  • Do not follow and unfollow and then follow again on a different day just to get more entries. Rafflecopter shows me this and MANY people were disqualified from my previous giveaways because they did this. It shows me the date and time of each entry, and following a social media account is a one time entry. If you show up as following on different days,  #GirlBye. 
  • If you subscribe to my YouTube channel (thank you!) but I'd like to hope you don't unsubscribe after the giveaway is over. If you do, I reserve the right to ban you from future giveaways. I'm not saying that staying subscribed or following me forever is required, but I host giveaways to give back to those that stand by me. ♥

G O O D  L U C K
to all of you!

I can't wait to read about what makes you feel B E A U T I F U L !

*Open Internationally
*Must be 18 or older to win
*Ends on Aug 7th, 2015

9 Favorite Instagram Accounts

@thedailywalter: THE DAILY WALTER! He's the star of this post. I fell madly obsessively in love with this little pizza bandit stud about 3 years ago on his birthday! And I really promise you that when you see this infamous post, you will love him too! For anyone that likes to be a jerk and say that dogs (all animals) don't have feelings, you're wrong and this is proof.
This dog is everything. He is the cutest Frenchie ever with the biggest Frenchie ears ever and the best smile ever. I've added hugging him to my bucket list and his mommy has approved! I jumped on board this lil dude's life when he had only a couple thousand followers, now he has over 22,000! But he needs more so go follow him but you can't be his biggest fan because I am.


@nikkiblacketter: I was lucky enough to meet this hottie recently and basically all I need to say is... GOALS! Especially since we're the same petite size, she's absolutely my fitness inspiration. She works so hard to maintain what she has (seen in all her vlogs) and seeing that hard work inspires me, and also reminds me how incredibly lazy I actually am haha. 


@melanieraccoon: If you love animals, you will LOVE this raccoon. She is domesticated and very very smart and well trained. There are a lot of videos of her doing things you would never imagine. It's heart-melting how adorable she is and how she acts. I immediately fell so in love with her. 


@blackjaguarwhitetiger:  Rescued big cats! Lions, tigers, leopards, etc... SO MANY BABY LIONS! They have over 2 million followers and are constantly posting adorable photos and amazing videos of everyone in action. 


@fuckjerry: You may already follow this account, it's pretty popular. It's just another hilarious meme account! 


@trendmood1: Get all the latest info on new and upcoming makeup! She also posts reviews and swatches. This where I get excited for all the big makeup releases. 


@jessjanemakeup: I started following this beauty back when she only had a few hundred followers, now she has a few hundred thousand! Her makeup skills are flawless, and she likes to play around with different looks by changing up her hair and eye color. 


@catsofinstagram: Cats, kittens, cats, kittens and more cats!!


@frenchiebutt: I follow hundreds of French Bulldogs, so it was really hard to only include two on this list. This is Milo, prepare to fall to pieces from cuteness overload. 


I'd love to know some of your favorite IG accounts, leave me some in the comments! Especially if they're animal accounts :) 

You can follow me on Instagram, too! @mskellylouise

Have a beautiful day! 


Palm Springs

It was hard to come back here after that last post. It was like a "time to hide under the covers" kind of moment. Thank you to those that gave me a little internet hug, offered your friendship, emailed... it really melted my heart. There's something really special about knowing that someone out there understands, cares, or just wants you to know that you're not alone. We're not "strangers" here, we have internet friendships and that is soooo not five minutes ago! <3


I'm a little late on the Fourth of July updates but I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! My fiance and I headed out to Palm Springs with some friends and we rented a house for 3 nights. It was so relaxing to get out of LA for a few days. This place can really do you in!  I missed my little DeNiro terribly but he was being checked on daily. I spent most of the 110 degree days floating around in the pool getting my tan on, which I so desperately needed. We spent the nights with good food, hundreds of beers, Cards Against Humanity, pool beer pong, pool volleyball, and chats in the hot tub. And being the newly obsessed-with-vlogging vlogger that I am, I put together a short video of the weekend. The desert is a beautiful place (has some weird creatures! but still gorgeous!) and I'm excited to venture out there again someday. 

Have you ever enjoyed the beauty of the desert? 
How was your 4th of July? Did you make a post about it? Leave the link below!


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