Palm Springs

It was hard to come back here after that last post. It was like a "time to hide under the covers" kind of moment. Thank you to those that gave me a little internet hug, offered your friendship, emailed... it really melted my heart. There's something really special about knowing that someone out there understands, cares, or just wants you to know that you're not alone. We're not "strangers" here, we have internet friendships and that is soooo not five minutes ago! <3


I'm a little late on the Fourth of July updates but I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! My fiance and I headed out to Palm Springs with some friends and we rented a house for 3 nights. It was so relaxing to get out of LA for a few days. This place can really do you in!  I missed my little DeNiro terribly but he was being checked on daily. I spent most of the 110 degree days floating around in the pool getting my tan on, which I so desperately needed. We spent the nights with good food, hundreds of beers, Cards Against Humanity, pool beer pong, pool volleyball, and chats in the hot tub. And being the newly obsessed-with-vlogging vlogger that I am, I put together a short video of the weekend. The desert is a beautiful place (has some weird creatures! but still gorgeous!) and I'm excited to venture out there again someday. 

Have you ever enjoyed the beauty of the desert? 
How was your 4th of July? Did you make a post about it? Leave the link below!


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  1. what a very amazing place i would love to visit there heard its very beautiful

  2. Beautiful! I wish I win to have a beach vacation right away!

  3. Palm Springs looks absolutely beautiful!!! I wish I had the funds to be able to travel there! Maybe not in the summer...but a winter getaway!!!

  4. Palm Springs looks amazing! I would love to go someday!!