11 Awesome Podcasts

There are probably at least a gazillion bajillion podcasts out there.  And yes, gazillion bajillion is a real number. Pick anything in the world that you like, anything you may have an interest in - there's a podcast for it! My fiance has always been super into podcasts, I hadn't bothered because I originally thought they would be like a book on tape. Does that reveal how old I really am?

top podcasts

I started realizing what they really were when he began playing them every time we were in the car. If I remember correctly, the first one for me way back when was Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, and since I love him, I got hooked. But then I moved onto other comedians that have podcasts, then YouTubers, reality stars, and on and on and now I can't stop. 

If you've been watching my YouTube channel for awhile, you know that Robert and I started a podcast also -but it failed- and we haven't managed to sit back down with it again, yet. But once we do, I'll be back to let you know! In the meantime, I want to share with you the podcasts that I'm currently attached to. 

1. The Jenna & Julien Podcast  - Obvi I listen to them. Their show is pretty chill and laid back, they kinda just kick it. Sometimes they'll have a guest on (like other YouTubers, her mom, etc) sometimes they'll have a particular topic like conspiracy theories, or something/someone big in current news, sometimes they'll play a game like celebrity trivia or personality tests. You never know what you're going to be tuning into but you know it's always going to be fun! They also film the podcast so you can watch them here.

2. The Joe Rogan Experience - I don't listen to all of the episodes because they are quite long, but when I do listen, I learn SO much. He has a massive variety of guests - comedians, actors, musicians, authors, fighters, scientists, doctors, etc. I typically like to tune in when he has the scientists and doctors on, that's when I learn things I'd never imagine. 

3. Shane and Friends - Shane Dawson gives me the LOLZ so hard. If foul language and crude talk are not your thing, I wouldn't suggest this one. But if you are down with that, this is hilarious and beyond. His co-host is Jesse Buttafuoco (yes, the daughter of infamous Joey - that whole Amy Fisher thing), she is so hysterical, they make such a great team to keep the laughs coming. Their guests are usually other YouTubers but sometimes they have other friends, their moms, D-listers like Tara Reid and Farrah Abraham, etc. 

4. Your Moms House - Married comedians, Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitsky! If you recognize her name from back in the 90s, it's because she was on Road Rules. Anyways, this is another laid back and kick it style podcast giving you all the laughs. As they describe it "if you enjoy 7th grade humor"... they really get you in the giggle gut. They also take the podcast on tour and Robert and I were lucky enough to get in on one a couple years ago. I posted about that here

5. Guys We Fucked - To put it simply, this is an "anti-slut shaming podcast" where comedians Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson share their stories about all the guys they have sex with. I love this one because it feels like you're just hanging out with your friends!

6. Loveline - I think everyone knows this one. Dr Drew and Mike Catherwood take calls from listeners and offer medical and relationship advice. Sometimes Mike is a little too much for me, like dude where is your chill? But I'm so interested in all the calls and you'd be surprised at what you can learn!

7. Straight Up With Stassi - This is most likely only going to matter to fans of the show Vanderpump Rules... Stassi has her own podcast! Every Thursday you can catch her just shootin' the shit with a guest that will be one of her friends, or family member or cast mate that she's still friends with. I find Stassi intriguing and for some reason I'm super interested in all her drama. 

8. Pumped - Another one that's geared to fans of Pump Rules (which comes back Nov 2nd!!!) This podcast is hosted by a few fans that started off just gossiping about the show and the cast. They started inviting cast members to be guests each week and it's like getting the behind the scenes facts on what Bravo chooses to show us! Along any other gossip and details they wanna share! I'm really excited for this podcast to come back when season 4 starts airing. 

9. That's Deep Bro - Christina Pazsitsky makes the list again! She hosts her own podcast outside of Your Moms House. This is a much different vibe where she discusses deep topics like depression, grief, self sabotage, mental illness, and much more. Occasionally she will have a guest but for the most part she rides solo on this one. 

10. Not Too Deep with Grace - You may know Grace Helbig from her YouTube channel or her show on E! She always has a guest, as it's a hilarious and silly interview style podcast and she also does some sort of popular internet challenge with each guest. Recently she did the Urban Dictionary Challenge with Jenna! 

11. Serial - Even if you're not into podcasts, I'm sure you've heard of this one as it was a pretty huge deal. The entire season is based on one topic, season one focused on a murder case that was littered with holes in the story and we're still not sure if Adnan, who was convicted of killing his girlfriend, is guilty or innocent. Season two is supposed to be focused on a Sgt that was held for five years by the Taliban. I saw a rumor that season two starts in November but haven't seen any confirmation at all. 

Podcast sites/apps:
Podkicker (android) 

And in case you missed it when I mentioned in one of last week's posts, here's a bonus one for you bloggers out there: Ask Pat.  I like that one because each episode is an answer to one question a listener asks. So the episodes are super short and right to the point. 

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are some of your favorite ones? 


A Meetup, A Game, & A Cactus Walk Into A Vlog

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great weekend! As I mentioned in Friday's post, I had a couple of fun things planned for Saturday and I may or may not still be on a high from it.  It's been over 100 degrees here everyday lately and instead of staying inside with some AC, I ventured out into the heat wave.

I got to see Jenna Marbles and Julien again!  I experienced a Dodgers playoff game, and I finally bought  my very first cactus! You may have seen on Instagram that being in Palm Springs this summer really pushed me to develop a new obsession with cacti. If you wanna see how this past weekend went down, check out my newest vlog!

How was your weekend? Are you melting in heat like I am or are you actually getting a crisp fall where you are? Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of the vlog was! 


4 Friday Favorites

I hope you all had a great week! This was my first week back at consistent blogging and it was pretty awesome. I had planned out my posts and it was really helpful to be able to stay on top of it all. I'm excited to set aside time this weekend to plan next weeks post too! This week I shared some of my favorite products, favorite YouTubers and celebrated a milestone. To close out the week, I want to share a few things that I'm loving throughout the internet.

ASK PAT PODCAST: This is a great one for those of us here in the blog world. Each episode features a question asked by a listener and Pat provides his advice. The topics range from blogging, internet marketing, audience building, email marketing, etc. 

POP ART CARTOON ZOMBIE: I mentioned on Tuesdays post that Nicole Guerriero does incredible Halloween tutorials. Just in time to start costume planning, she uploaded this super colorful and fun cartoon zombie look!

QUIT YOUR JOB TO BLOG: I mean, obvi this would be a fave because, duh. Helene has been really helpful with the webinars she's been offering lately and now she's really got my attention! She's offering a lifetime course to grow your blog, build your brand and of course make money so you can be a full time blogger. Sold!

FRED THE TRAVELING MONKEY: This is an Instagram account of an adorable stuffed monkey that travels the world and shares his little moments with us. If you need a little day brightener, definitely check this one out!

fred the traveling monkey

In Case You Missed It:

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm going (for the second time) to a meetup of Julien Solomita. He's not only the boyfriend of Jenna Marbles, he's a fantastic daily vlogger. He takes editing his vlogs to another level and it totally inspires my editing.  I'm also heading out to a Dodgers playoff game on Saturday night! I'm really excited because I've only been to Dodger Stadium once before when my brother dropped a surprise visit on me. And then Sunday is "support my dude during football" day, while also blog planning. 

Have a beautiful weekend! 


It's Been A Year

I'm torn today. I feel excited to have reached a milestone but disappointed that I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to before this day arrived. A whole year ago I hit publish on my first YouTube video, which was a "Date Night" look. I had no idea what I was doing but I was having so much fun doing it! And I immediately became addicted. It took my whole life, but I had finally found a hobby that I enjoyed and loved and thought about every moment of every day.

youtube anniversary

Let me tell you the good the bad and the ugly about making YouTube videos. First of all, I absolutely love having a video journal of my life. I think it's going to be so amazing to look back on! Before I get right into the good, I want to explain why I started making videos. At the time, I was really struggling with my anxiety and I wanted to do something extreme and out of my comfort zone. I was convinced that making videos would open me up more and loosen up my crazy nerves. And it did. I started to feel happier and more confident. <- The good! I also made new friends, and that was exciting to feel connected with people in another community outside of the blog world. More good!

But then the bad and ugly started to set in. I started to pick myself apart. Seeing yourself on video can make it way easier to notice things than just looking in the mirror. I began having regrets that I never wore my retainer as a kid because my bottom teeth are so obviously crooked. I was searching for an affordable place to get some Botox because seeing the awful crows feet around my eyes were making me not want to smile anymore. Suddenly, a shit ton of insecurities that I never knew I even had started surfacing at full speed! 

So I stopped sitting in front of the camera doing beauty videos and started filming out and about vlogs. Which I soon realized was so much fun! Capturing random every day moments, editing clips to showcase something of a short little movie of my life, I love it!  Unfortunately, I don't upload very often because, well, let's be honest- my life is pretty boring, but I enjoy editing my vlogs to still be exciting to watch.  If you're interested in getting a glimpse of what's on my channel, check out this Channel Trailer that I may or may not have made in celebration of being on YouTube for one whole year! 

Although in this past year I didn't grow my channel into what I wanted it to be, and have a notebook full of video ideas and editing details that will probably never see the light of day because ... time. I'm still really happy that I began this journey and continue on it as often as I can. And I'd love for you to come along with me! So if you're not already subscribed and wanna go down this road with me, please subscribe here! |youtube|


3 Best Beauty YouTubers

White Ikea furniture, bright lights, and a candle burning. That's the typical look of a beauty YouTuber's video. But decor is not what we're here for today. Instead, I want to share with you a few of my absolute favorite beauty YouTubers ever! Since I'm only picking a few today, this will actually be the first post in a series of these favorite ladies of mine.

These few that I'm focusing on today have a large range of what they put on their channel. Instead of the repetitive warm smokey eye, they really showcase skill, tips and variety. And beyond that, I absolutely adore their personalities and style and I'm about four million percent positive they'd be my BFF in real life. 

best beauty youtbe

Nicole Guerriero was one of the first that I ever watched. And I continue to obsess over her constantly. She has so much variety on her channel, creative and every day makeup looks, kills it with halloween tutorials, knocks it outta the park with hair tutorials, shares her life with fun vlogs, and always goes into depth with tips which is why I find her more helpful that most others that I watch. And she's so silly, she has me laughing with every video she posts.

Also, check out one of her Vlogs

Karissa Pukas is just an angel. She's a total babe, has such a chill vibe to her but sassy when it's needed. She's probably the most honest YTer I've watched, and I respect the hell out of her for never sacrificing her happiness or selling her soul as so many youtubers do. As a bonus, she owns a successful international false lash company! And she has a separate vlog channel that she's been putting a lot of fashion, travel and everyday life on! I love her fashion style and she takes such gorgeous pictures. I could watch her videos for hours, ok maybe I just have a major girl crush on her.

Also, check out her Travel & Style Diary

UPDATE: And then this happened. Just another reason why she's my favorite, she pays attention to her subscribers.

Katy @ LustreLux. She's one of the Ipsy girls and  her skills are on another level, she makes everything so simple because she's so great at describing her tutorials and offering tips and tricks. And oh my goodness I'm in love with her on snapchat. She is hilarious and has the cutest dog ever and their relationship is so funny! "heeeeyyyyyyy. Zoooooooooooooe" definitely follow her for some good laughs.

Also, check out her creepy halloween tutorial

That's enough fierceness for today! It's overwhelming, I know. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers to watch? I can't wait for part two of this so I can share more bombshells with you!


September Favorites

Now that the Halloween candy is out and everyone is already deciding what to dress up as on the 31st, I figured it's time to gather up some of my favorite things lately. Which is a long way of saying, welcome to my first monthly favorites blog post!  I haven't really done a current favorites type of situation since my May Favorites video, which obviously was many months ago.  But I want to start making it an actual monthly thing here on the blog. While my list isn't exactly the longest thing ever, these few things have been getting some serious use lately.


Maybelline Matte and Poreless Foundation.
--when I first tried this a few months ago, I hated it. I thought I liked it and then realized I hated it. But recently it's been all the rage so I decided to pick it up again and now I can't put it down. I absolutely love it. Maybe the difference is in my skincare because I don't know how I hated this before. It's fantastic!

L'oreal EverCreme Nourishing Leave-In.
--this is another one that I stuffed away months ago but for unknown reasons. But I ran out of whatever I was using and desperately grabbed this from the back of shelf.  Any of you curly/frizzy hair friends know what desperate means when you need a leave-in conditioner. I love the smell and most importantly it makes my fried hair so soft!

ColourPop Ultra Matte in Solow.
--when these released I snatched up three of them to try out. I got Mars, Lychee and my all time fave lip color Solow. To be honest, I haven't even worn Mars and Lychee yet. But I swipe Solow on every time I reach for a lip color and I'm always satisfied.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows//Mango Tango & Cosmopolitan.
--I've raved about MUG shadows before and I probably always will. As seen in my "Get Ready With Me in Palm Springs" video, these two colors go beautifully together. I've been putting a little bit of them in my crease almost daily. It's a nice simple warm touch.

Adidas Superstars (shell toes!).
--I can't count how many pairs of shelltoes I've had since middle school, and multiple colors. But I do know that it's been a few years since I restocked on a pair. Until this spring. I got the good ol' classics and I've had my feet in them all summer long. They literally go with every outfit possible. Jeans, leggings, sweatpants, a day dress, anything! And they're made with a comfy ortho insole now so it's almost like walking on clouds.

Victoria's Secret PJ's.
--when it's 100 degrees every day and night, you want something loose and light to lounge around in. I've been practically living in this satin cami and short set. And in case you're interested, they're currently on clearance!

--Love Myself/Hailee Steinfeld is catchy AF
--Here/Alessia Cara. legit straight up talent. like a fresh mix of Fiona Apple, Adele and Alicia Keys.
--Same Old Love/Selena Gomez. girl is killing it lately, the beat on this one is so feel good.

Let me know in the comments what some of your recent favorite things are! And I'll see you here again tomorrow with a list of my favorite beauty YouTubers!