3 Best Beauty YouTubers

White Ikea furniture, bright lights, and a candle burning. That's the typical look of a beauty YouTuber's video. But decor is not what we're here for today. Instead, I want to share with you a few of my absolute favorite beauty YouTubers ever! Since I'm only picking a few today, this will actually be the first post in a series of these favorite ladies of mine.

These few that I'm focusing on today have a large range of what they put on their channel. Instead of the repetitive warm smokey eye, they really showcase skill, tips and variety. And beyond that, I absolutely adore their personalities and style and I'm about four million percent positive they'd be my BFF in real life. 

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Nicole Guerriero was one of the first that I ever watched. And I continue to obsess over her constantly. She has so much variety on her channel, creative and every day makeup looks, kills it with halloween tutorials, knocks it outta the park with hair tutorials, shares her life with fun vlogs, and always goes into depth with tips which is why I find her more helpful that most others that I watch. And she's so silly, she has me laughing with every video she posts.

Also, check out one of her Vlogs

Karissa Pukas is just an angel. She's a total babe, has such a chill vibe to her but sassy when it's needed. She's probably the most honest YTer I've watched, and I respect the hell out of her for never sacrificing her happiness or selling her soul as so many youtubers do. As a bonus, she owns a successful international false lash company! And she has a separate vlog channel that she's been putting a lot of fashion, travel and everyday life on! I love her fashion style and she takes such gorgeous pictures. I could watch her videos for hours, ok maybe I just have a major girl crush on her.

Also, check out her Travel & Style Diary

UPDATE: And then this happened. Just another reason why she's my favorite, she pays attention to her subscribers.

Katy @ LustreLux. She's one of the Ipsy girls and  her skills are on another level, she makes everything so simple because she's so great at describing her tutorials and offering tips and tricks. And oh my goodness I'm in love with her on snapchat. She is hilarious and has the cutest dog ever and their relationship is so funny! "heeeeyyyyyyy. Zoooooooooooooe" definitely follow her for some good laughs.

Also, check out her creepy halloween tutorial

That's enough fierceness for today! It's overwhelming, I know. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers to watch? I can't wait for part two of this so I can share more bombshells with you!


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