Caramel Fireball Hot Toddy

Last year I very randomly put two of the most basic things together. It was delicious. And I had a blog so I felt like I needed to share. Thousands of repins on Pinterest later, it has been my most popular post ever. Everyday I'm getting notifications that it's been pinned again. When you search "fireball hot toddy" on Pinterest, it's the first pin that comes up. I never really thought anyone would care that I basically dropped some Fireball in my tea and called it a night. But they did! And now I've revamped it. If "revamp" is even a fair word for this simplicity.


"It's so simple how could you ever think of changing it?" you ask. Well, while grocery shopping recently and stocking up on my tea (I have an endless amount of teas, I have a problem, tea is so good, I can't stop) I saw that there was a new apple tea. This one was Caramel Apple Dream. "Ok, but Kelly, you just posted about apples and cinnamon the other day". 

Right. But it's Thanksgiving week and they can go together and we can be festive. 
Don't judge me. Just drink. 

When I saw that new tea I immediately wondered how it would taste as the infamous Fireball Hot Toddy. I'm here to tell you that it tasted .... better. And the crowd goes wild!  I mean, obviously if there would be anything missing from something apple and cinnamon it would be caramel. Right? Right. Previously I used Cinnamon Apple Spice and thought it could never get better. 

Here is better. 


  • Grab your favorite mug, tea cup, toddy glass, whatever you choose
  • Add the appropriate amount of Fireball (see also: any amount you want)
  • Fill the rest with hot water (or not hot and microwave that ish)
  • Drop a Caramel Apple Dream teabag in and steep for a few minutes 
  • Garnish with a piece of apple sprinkled with Nutmeg
  • Sip. Close your eyes. Feel warm. Smile. Eat this yummy apple snack

You could play with this in so many ways. Add a cinnamon stick, drop a slice of orange in there, get creative!  I plan on making a pot of this for Thanksgiving and I think I'm going to add in a little bit of orange to give it a citrus touch.  

I'm actually going to go make another one right now so I'll leave you with this - HAVE A WONDERFUL, FULFILLING, YUMMY, AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

hot toddy

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caramel apple fireball hot toddy

my hot toddy's are not sponsored by Fireball or Celestial Seasonings, but I wish they were ;)

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