November Favorites

Before I get into what products I've been loving, I want to put out a little belated Thanksgiving message. Thank you all for being on this journey with. I started this blog two and a half years ago and expected no one to read it. Ever. I know I'm not very consistent (believe me I wish I was, I try to work with what little time I have available for blogging/youtubing), and I know that because I'm inconsistent I don't have as many readers as I used to. But there are many of you that have been on this ride with me through all my "blog breaks" and "come backs" and I want to especially thank you.

I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving. 

Ok enough of the mushy, let's get materialistic! I recently posted a bunch of my everyday essentials and I'm super hooked on most of them so I don't have a whole lot of exciting new favorite things to share. But I skipped October and don't want to ditch out on another month. I told myself in September that I would commit to this monthly faves situation.  Again with the inconsistency Kelly!

November Favorites

Briogeo Roscaro Milk Reparative Leave In Conditioner Spray

I grabbed this one during the Sephora VIB sale and was really excited because of the reviews.  I have never ever found a product that made a difference in my hair after one use. My hair has been super dry and ugly because I'm severely overdue for a trim (aka I haven't been since May) and this spray made my hair so soft. Even my fiance touched my head and was like "oh wow your hair is really soft, what did you do?" (aka 'your hair is usually nasty, whatever you did keep doing it'.) I can only imagine what it will do for my hair once I chop off all these dead ends!{click to purchase at Sephora}

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter 

Katy at LustreLux is always posting about this on snapchat and I couldn't take it anymore, I had to have it! I have the driest nastiest legs in all the land and I have a hard time finding a lotion that keeps my flakes away for more than 2 hours. I've been attached to baby lotion for like 10 years but somedays it's just not enough. Well, thanks to Katy I officially have a new favorite lotion! I love this body butter so much because it does what it says! It smells soooo good and it's affordable. I expected it to be almost 30 dollars but it's only 15! And right now at Ulta, Soap & Glory is buy one get one half off. So if you've been wanting to try this, go now!
{click to purchase at ULTA}

Murad Pore Reform Skin Smoothing Polish

Also snatched up at the VIB sale, this is my first full size Murad product. And I feel like I've joined a special club.  It exfoliates so gently and leaves my face so damn soft and not beat up looking like a lot of other exfoliators do. I'm a die hard pure witch hazel user and this has witch hazel in it so it doubles as a toner! Perfect for lazy little me, one less step in my routine. I'll check back in when I finish the bottle but so far I'm loving it.
{click to purchase at Sephora}
{or purchase at ULTA}

Bath and Body Works Peppermint Marshmallow Candle

I don't typically go for the "food" candles, they all have this thing about them that gives me a headache. But Robert was into it so I decided to get brave and go for it. It was my least favorite of the bunch I picked and I was not looking forward to lighting it. I lit it and moved on with my life. Some amount of time later my brain was like "go check on the cupcakes in the oven". Da fuq?! I wasn't making cupcakes, the oven wasn't even on. Why was I suddenly craving little baby cakes? It took me a moment and I realized OH MY GOD IT'S THE CANDLE! I immediately tweeted about it and then gushed to Robert that he was right in choosing this candle. Oh wow it's so good.
{click to purchase at BBW}

Why does everything have such long names?  And that's it for November! Just four simple little exciting things. What are some of your current favorite things? Have you tried any of these products? What's your favorite candle scent? I have so many questions! 

Let me know in the comments below :) 

ps - I really need a new blog design, I'm not down with this small ass font.

ps again - I've been catching up on all my vlog footage and just uploaded a video from Halloween! It's pretty funny, there was some clips that I have no memory of. That's always fun. You can check that out HERE @ HALLOWEEN 2015. And later this week I'm posting a video filled with my cat DeNiro and a bunch of kittens! weeee!

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