My Predictions For The Shorty Awards

The nominations for the Shorty Awards have been announced! And no, this is not a moment of handing out trophies to those that lack in the height department, like me. This has nothing to do with height but everything to do with social media! So many platforms are being recognized, including Periscope, YowNow and even the best GIF of the year.

There are so many categories to vote on and today I'm going to zone in on some of my favorites and let you know my little simple minded predictions! And if you wanna join the fun and vote for some of your favorite influencers, you can do that here --> VOTE!

YOUTUBE COMEDIAN: It really grinds my gears that Jenna isn't nominated because she's an automatic win for me. But anyways. Colleen had a really big year so I predict that MIRANDA SINGS will win this one. 

YOUTUBE ENSEMBLE: I completely predict Jeana and Jesse at PRANK VS PRANK. They're still so well loved. I also think that a lot of people are feeling for Jesse right now with the passing of his mom so they could get a few more votes from sympathy.

YOUTUBE GURU: This is tough because I don't agree with a lot of the nominations but that's none of my business. I am thrilled to not see certain people on there though!.... Anyways my vote goes to Desi but I actually think that KANDEE is gonna take this one home. 

SNAPCHATTER: I would have said Kylie but then I saw that DJ KHALED was nominated and he's been going viral with his snaps so I think he's winning this one. Even though, "they don't want you to win."

VINER: My vote and prediction goes to DARRIUS BENSON solely because of his "surprise motherfucker" vines that I repeat at random times throughout life and it never gets old. 

YOUTUBER: Again, I'm of course bummed that Jenna wasn't included but this is a no-brainer to me. CASEY NEISTAT! Not only is he a genius, his following really exploded this year. Hands down, Casey. Although if he's not the winner, my next prediction would be Ingrid because of coming out and that kind of bravery is always respected and should be recognized. 

INSTAGRAMMER: Well this is easy... BADDIE WINKLE. done.

ANIMAL: I'm a little hurt that DeNiro was not nominated for, also really bummed that my homie The Daily Walter wasn't. But my vote goes to the goat, although I think the winner will be JIFFPOM. Obvi. 

FOOD: I mean, obviously it has to go to HANNAH HART because My Drunk Kitchen. duh.

HEALTHY LIVING: I think this one is going to CASSEY HO because Bloglaties is huge. Like, really huge.

PODCAST: I really got into podcasts over the last year (and again, no Jenna on the list. ugh) - my vote goes to Grace but I think the win might go to ANOTHER ROUND.

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PERISCOPER: Hmm, I'm not a big fan of this platform (it needs a lot of work) but my prediction is MATTHEW SANTORO because of the recent domestic violence situation, he has a huge support system to get him lots of votes. 

GIF of the Year: Of course I'm voting for Pizza Rat, no question. But I think it will be a toss up between Drake and Bowie. If you're thinking about the average age of voters, I'd say DRAKE will win because most kids don't know who David Bowie is. 

INSTAGRAM PHOTO: This is a tough one. I won't be surprised if Kendall Jenner wins, I think that PEACE FOR PARIS will win but my vote goes to Emojis In The Wild. 

VINE of the Year: One million percent the baby gentleman with the AVOCADO!!!! Although Drake and Why The Fuck You Lyin could take it.  

VINE MUSICIAN: My vote and my winner prediction goes to US THE DUO. Mostly because they're the only ones I know of in that category. 

COMEDIAN: There is no chance you will catch me predicting anyone other than KEVIN HART. Maybe I'm biased because he's my favorite, or because I attended his tour this past summer or because I simply believe he is just good for the soul. Whatever. He wins. 

SPORTS: ........ RONDA! drops mic. 

There are so many more categories to vote in, head over to the site and help make social media influencing even bigger!

If you're wondering why I didn't choose a blogger, well, I have no idea who any of them are. As a blogger I guess that's pretty sad on my part. But the blogging world is so gigantic! Maybe next year one of my peers will make it for changing the blogging game (I'm looking at you Helene)!

Let me know in the comments below who some of your favorite influencers are! Who do you wish to win or to see nominated?


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