Year In Review : 2015

When I think about this past year it gives me mixed feelings. I saw new places, met new people, and realized a whole lot about myself. But honestly, it was such a mess and filled with emotions that I'd rather never revisit. If you couldn't tell by how badly I let my blog die, the truth is that I was left exhausted and unmotivated because life threw some stones at me that I was very much not expecting. With personal dramas and my job (that I do not love at all) mentally draining me, I just couldn't keep up with the fun things like the blog world and my youtube channel or social media as a whole.

But wait, this wasn't supposed to be a Debbie Downer post. Queue the rewind sound effect. 

As most of us know, trying to remember what you've done in a year can be hard. I can't even remember what I typed ten words ago, never mind what I did 12 months ago. Thankfully we have things like Instagram that store all those aesthetically pleasing memories for us. 

Things I Did In 2015

I filmed a Lookbook video 

@jennamarbles today I met King Julien (said like in Madagascar) and Queen Jenna👑! It was one of the greatest moments of my life to be able to hug and talk to people that legit turn my bad days around. It was one of those "if I ever met so-and-so I would tell them....." and then what you could only hope to happen actually comes true and it's like OMG NOW WHAT DO I SAY!? hahaha. I was overwhelmed with excitement, nerves and gratitude, but I think I said all the important things. THANK YOU JENNA & JULIEN, thank you for just being you and thank you for always making my heart smile. you two are such bright lights in my darkest days. And thanks for bringing the cermet that is an paesh, her kisses were precious🐶 hopefully we meet again (that sounds creepy) @juliensolomita #teamglutenfree #jennamarbles #juliensolomita #jennajulien #teamlegs #teamcermet @iggy_peach
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I met YouTubers Marissa Lace and Nikki Blackketter

We spent three holidays in Palm Springs - 4th of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving

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I went to BeautyCon and I hated it.

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Went to a Dodgers playoff game

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Actually celebrated Halloween!

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We went home for Christmas and surprised everyone!
(vlog coming this week!)

And we ended the year with a gorgeous view of our first time in San Diego.

A few more things:
:: We went to Lake Arrowhead for our first time.
:: Spent a weekend in Orange County to attend the Kid Rock concert for our second time.
:: Saw Kevin Hart on the What Now tour!
:: Went to a country concert (Lee Brice) and got way too drunk.

What are some of the exciting things that you did in 2015? 
Share in the comments below and let me know what you're excited to do in 2016!


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  1. Seriously love getting to know you more throughout the year. I hope 2016 brings you some awesome things. Super jealous of all your sunny sky palm tree pics