Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

When I first started this blog back in 2013 I was flourishing with excitement. I was consistent, I was social, it was so much fun! But as things in my personal life began to overwhelm me, I slowly started to become less and less happy to be here. I didn't have anything to say or share, I wasn't inspired and I wasn't open to discussing the negative things going on in my life. So I took a break and I'd show up every once in awhile feeling like I was ready to come back. And then I'd crawl back into hiding. This come and go has gone on for about two years now. Also, when I started making YouTube videos I once again felt excited and happy to share, but that also faded away. With my life (my relationship, really) slowly falling to pieces, I found it impossible to keep smiling in front of a camera. I could barely smile ever at all.

But every single day I thought about my blog. I'd randomly get ideas and write them down feeling like I'm ready to come back. I'd open up a blank post, write a sentence or two only to quickly close it and now I have 14 drafted posts for 2016 that I've completely bailed on. To be honest, it makes me feel like a failure. I've let myself down and I've spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself with everything that has gone on. A grown up break up is nothing like a high school one, I've literally been rebuilding my everyday life from the ground up. And it's been exhausting. Getting used to living on my own and getting used to not splitting bills - it's a real life changer! But it's also been incredibly liberating. For the first time ever in my whole life, my day to day is for me and only me. I won't lie, I'm still getting used to living alone, it's still kinda scary and can get boring and lonesome. But I've become so independent even with the most simple things. I can't express how big that is for me. I realize how much I depended on my partner for so many things, and I admit that was a big problem. But I walk around different now, my head up, my shoulders back and a smile on my face. And I sleep better without the weight of someones lies resting on my chest. *major eye roll*

Now that we've got that update out of the way, let's talk about THE BLOG!  I've planned out a specific schedule because I feel like that might be the only way to keep me consistent. Here at Six One Six, each day of the week is now going to be dedicated to a certain topic. Let me explain what I mean: 

Mondays - I want this to be simple since Monday is typically such a hectic day for everyone. So I decided that for the most part it will be a "photo only" day. This could be my weekend update in photos, some sort of "through my eyes" post. Or maybe a video. I think this is an easy way to start the week and also will get me out of the house and back into the habit of taking pictures. 

Tuesdays - This day will be about products. It could be all beauty related, a current favorites post of anything I'm loving, things I'm lusting after, all that kind of stuff. Maybe some sponsored posts if I get the offers, now that I'm a single girl on a budget homegirl could use the extra cash!

Wednesdays - This might be the most exciting, Food and Drink! I might share a recipe (I used to post tons!) I may do a "what I ate today" type of post, tell you about parts of my vegan transition, or share my favorite boozy drink of the moment. Anything goes when it comes to food and booze! 

Thursdays - I want this to be the more personal get to know me kinds of posts. I could share what's on my mind, what's been going on in my life, dating (if I bother), moving (when that time comes again), a rant, what I'm currently inspired by, etc. 

Fridays - Anything or nothing. If I have anything extra to share, I'll prob do that here. But for the most part, I think Fridays will be the quiet day. 

I'm really excited to get my groove back! I realize that I lost like 95% of my readers but maybe they'll come back, maybe new people will stick around, whoever is here I just hope that you leave with a smile on your face or a giggle in your gut. I hope you like it here and will keep coming back because that's what I plan to do again!  I. AM. BACK. 

I know this wasn't a simple post but since it's Monday, here are a few photos and a video! This is all from when my sister was here visiting. If you watch this video, you will see my smile - this was the happiest I had been in many months! I sent it to my brother and he said it made him cry seeing us so happy together. Siblings are the best! 

Enjoy! :) 



  1. Welcome back! Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better! I'm a new reader so I'm looking forward to your updates.

  2. Happy that you're back girl! I LOVELOVELOVE your blogs and videos!