Fire In The Sky

If you checked social media at all this past weekend, you were made well aware that there was a massive fire burning in Los Angeles. If you follow me on snapcht (mskellylouise) you saw it grow with me. Even though it was destructive and tragic for some, it lit up the sky so beautifully. I'm not positive but I think the smoke and falling ash stretched out to about 30 miles across LA County.

photo take from my kitchen balcony

photo taken from my kitchen balcony

photo by IG @lburns87 || this is from outside our apt building

taken from Universal City, about 25 miles away from the fire
photo by IG @lburns87

smoke spreading across San Fernando Valley all the way from Santa Clarita Valley
photo is a capture from Julien Solomita's video below

How was your weekend? 
Have you ever seen a smoke filled sky like this before? 


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