Instagram was trying to play us the other day by crashing but I'm still gonna show her some love cuz we all know she's the queen bee of social media. And the queen bee of life is basically food so we're bringing them together in matrimony today and showcasing some of my favorite food IG accounts! What the hell am I saying? I'm 97% asleep and I'm just gonna go with it... play along.

photo from IG @bonnyrebecca


First up is @vegamegame 
This account is so different from any other food account out there. Instead of showing the actual food, she has drawings of the ingredients! It's such a fun and unique way to share recipes!

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Next up is @bonnyrebecca
She's a vegan YouTuber, and her IG is filled with incredible food that she makes as well as amazing food from all her world travels!

Next is the amazing @thejoshelkin
You may know him from EpicMealTime on YouTube, he then moved on to the Cooking Channel. He's a food artist and this account is a foodie's dream. I highly suggest also following him on Snapchat!

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And of course, everyone's favorite: @buzzfeedtasty

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What are your favorite food accounts? 
Do you post a lot of food on your own Instagram? 



  1. I've never followed any food accounts but I'm getting more into cooking recently. I need to check these out and follow!

  2. Welp, I'm about to fall down an Instagram black hole now lol. Wish me luck!