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I've been settled into my own place now for about two and a half months now. For the most part, I've already got all the decor I've wanted. But of course, there are those few things just sitting out there on my wish list that I just can't stop thinking about. And they'll probably be sitting out in wish list land for a long time - I'm trying to be on a spending freeze!

In case you're wondering, the running color theme in my studio is white with gold and green accents. With 99% of the green being faux plants.  Here are some things I've had my eyes on for awhile.

White Globe:  I've been searching Etsy for the perfect gold globe, but came across this white one on Amazon and decided that she, she is, the one

Gold Dipped/White Marble Coasters: Oh hi most gorgeous coasters of all time. 

Gold Dinosaur Air Plant: By far one of my favorite things on the internet. The only reason I don't have one yet is because I absolutely cannot decide which dino I want. I'm leaning towards Stegosaurus...

Glass & Gold "Booze" Decanter: Ok but really, why am I waiting on this? We all need one. 

White Marble Clock: A clock with class? I'll take it! 

Pyrite Wine Stopper: Not that there is ever any left over wine, but just in case...

Green Agate Bookends: I actually got these last week! 

And that's it... for now :)

Which dinosaur would you pick? 
What is your decor theme if you have one? 


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