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Like I mentioned on Monday, I want Thursdays to be anything that's more on a personal level. I'm kinda over talking about the break up, I'm not dating, I've got nothing to rant about, so I figured I'd keep it simple and close out my first week back with things across the internet that have inspired me recently.

To be honest, this picture spoke to me so deeply that I'm considering getting it tattooed. I see myself in it so much. Who I was to who I'm becoming, it's the most perfect drawing ever.

I've had a lot of time alone to do a lot of self discovery and one thing that was really a huge problem for me was how I reacted to others. I always allowed my emotions to be based off of other peoples actions. This is the epitome of self destruction, I promise you. Therapy really helped me see that and working with crystals, meditation and gaining self love has helped me focus more on my own actions. Learning to have peace within myself is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

LEGIT! This speaks to me in so many ways. I've come so far, I have so far to go, I have major goals, I have projects in the works, I have moving to a new city in mind, I truly am on a mission! And I'm not stopping for anything this time. "Doubt me, then watch me". 

What has been making you smile lately? 

Phew! I made it! I stuck it out all week and I did it! I'm back :) 
See ya on Monday! 


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