What I Ate Today - Vegan!

Over the last couple of months I've been trying to transition into full veganism. It has been way easier than I thought, but I still have struggled and I will not say I'm 100%. I hope in a few more months I can say that I am. I'm just so damn weak to pizza and I haven't come across any vegan cheese yet that I like. But I did discover that Oreos, Swedish Fish and Fritos are all vegan and even though those aren't my favorite junk foods I've been eating the shit out them simply because they're vegan. Someone stop me.

On this day though, I didn't eat any of those things. Phew! I had a healthy day and I want to show you what I ate. This was on Sunday while I was home the whole day working on blog things. Eating at home is so much easier than going out, no matter what kind of "food lifestyle" you're following. The first thing I did when I woke up was head to the gym. On the weekends I like to go in the morning so I typically go on an empty stomach. After damn near sweating to death on the StairMaster, I was hungry as fuck. 

I started with what I like to call, a Banana Bowl. But I think it's more widely known as "nice-cream". 
    In a food processor: 
    -frozen bananas
    -PB2 (peanut butter powder)
    -cacao powder
    -a touch of coconut milk to help blend
    Topped with:
    -maple syrup
    -chia seeds and hemp seeds
    -Woats (realized later that these are not vegan, it contains butter and honey). 
     They're not great anyways so *trash!*

Since I was so hungry from my fasted workout, I also made Tomato Toast. Another name I made up haha. I used to call it Pesto Toast (I think I've showed it on Snapchat) but realized pesto isn't vegan. But some are, Whole Foods makes one but no thank you to their prices, girl bye.
    -sprouted grain bread (SilverHills Squirrelly is my favorite bread of all time!)
    -Earth Balance vegan butter (this is where I used to put the pesto)
    -basil (I like using this "lightly-dried" one)
    -sliced Roma tomatoes
    -garlic powder
    -red pepper flakes
    -salt & pepper
    -broil in toaster oven for 10 minutes or to desired "doneness" 

Later for a snack I had some Mary's Gone Crackers with roasted red pepper hummus. And my all time favorite juice! My local Sprouts grocery store makes the.best. carrot/orange juice. I often drink the big bottle for breakfast. So good!

For lunch I had leftover boiled potatoes and broccoli that I had made for dinner the night before. No recipe to share here, cook and season however you like. I love using garlic powder on everything and salt & pepper and my all time go-to FlavorGod Garlic Lovers seasoning. 

For dinner I had something else you may have seen on my Snapchat a thousand times. Another thing I later found out is not vegan because there is milk used, ugh. But it was the last patty I had so I figured I'd use it up. I'm a simple gal and only need lettuce and tomato to complete any burger type of sandwich but because it's buffalo, I like to add this vegan ranch dressing that is surprisingly very good!
    -Morning Star buffalo chik patty (the Boca ones are vegan but not tasty)
    -bread, lettuce, tomato
    -Follow Your Heart vegan ranch

And then I put on Criminal Minds and crawled into bed so I could have nightmares with this creepy ass show playing in my conscious. Why didn't I just put in Nemo?! 

What did you eat today? 
Are you vegan or interested in becoming vegan?
Have you tried any of the things I've mentioned? 


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  1. I love and respect vegans because that would be soon hard to do. I'm trying a more plant based or sustainable diet because I love gardening and growing my own vegetables.