What I Get At Chipotle

I know any of you that enjoy Chipotle have a "go-to" meal there. Everyone gets the same.exact.thing. when they go. Including me, of course. But mine has changed, for a couple of reasons. One being that I'm now going vegan and can't add chicken and two being that they be playing me on the bell peppers. I'll get into that rant in a minute.

Before I get into what my current staple is, let me tell you what my old tradition was. For years and years my solid go to was this: Burrito, Rice (brown or white, whatever I was feeling that day), Fajita Veggies, Chicken and the Mild tomatoes. That's it. Basic as fuck.

Now it's time for the bell pepper rant - for the fajita veggies, I would kindly ask them to only pick the peppers, no onions please. And for years and years it was never a problem. Until my local Chipotle got a new manager. I was rudely told that I can never ask for peppers only ever again because it takes up too much time and is an inconvenience. *my blank stare* HOLD UP.... first of all, let me note something very important. I'm not a douche. I never ever asked them to do that when there was a line behind me. I start my work day very early so my lunch is very early, when I go to Chipotle it's always empty. Any other time that I'd go, if there was a line I would choose getting a bowl instead of a burrito and I would pick out the onions myself. And I said that to lil miss rude employee, and she condescendingly replied basically telling me "too bad so sad fuck off".

Bell pepper rant #2: Dear Chipotle, all bell peppers taste different. You cannot have green peppers for months and years and then BOOM one day switch to red, or yellow. da fuq?! That messes up the entire flavor fusion! It's a total mind fuck. Stop it.

To be honest, I stopped going to Chipotle for a long time because it became more frustrating than enjoyable. I've also made online orders, picked up, got back to my desk, opened my bowl, and saw that I was given the wrong order. TWICE. So yea, great new management *eye roll*.

However, since I'm trying to go vegan I wanted to see if I could switch it up a bit and be happy with it. I'm super picky and I've never liked all that extra shit like sour cream and guacamole, yuck. I had tried the corn once before and didn't like it. But one day I was feeling brave and tried it again, hmm "not so bad". Great, this could work! So I went balls to the wall and created a new tradition and I.Love.It.

So here we go:
White rice (I recently heard brown is pointless)
Mild tomatoes
Corn salsa
SIIIIIIDE of fajita veggies and I stuff the peppers in as make my way down the burrito.  POWER MOVE.

It makes for a very fresh and kinda summery feeling meal. And when I'm feeling a change, I'll do it all in a bowl. Like I did the day I finally caved and downloaded Pokemon GO and there was a mean little fucker right there on my table.

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Now I wanna go get me some Chipotle before I drool all over this keyboard just thinking about it. In the words of Shane Dawson, "and no, this is not hashtag spons but I wish it was!" 

What do YOU get at Chipotle!?? Let me know what your tradition is. 


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