Top 5 Gym Essentials

I've finally been consistent at the gym again. Besides just wanting to be healthy and fit and have a stress relief session a few days a week - going to the gym is much more enjoyable when you have some of the tools to make it easier. Of course, your phone and headphones are number one, I don't even need to put those on the list.

1. Good sneakers! Whether you're lifting or doing cardio, you want to make sure your foundation is supportive and comfortable. Nothing exciting about shin splints and heel spurs. My favorite brand is Asics.

2. Lifting gloves - this is good for free weights, ropes, kettlebells, anything you need to grip, you want to keep your palm protected and some weights have a textured handle that I personally find kinda painful to grip. I have these white Nike ones. 

3. Comfy clothes that make you feel good! - loose fitting tanks and cropped pants are my fave.

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4. Expandable waist pack belt - to hold your phone, keys, cards, etc. I personally have never been a fan of those phone holder things that wrap on your arm, my arms have always been too small to hold it comfortably. I love this belt because it keeps my phone out of the way when I'm lifting so I can still enjoy my music without getting annoyed. 

5. Apps! There are so many I feel like they should have a post of their own.
    ::Sweat With Kayla
    ::My Fitness Pal
    ::7 Minutes Workout
    ::Tone It Up
Honestly, the list is endless. Find one that works best for you, there's millions!

These are the few things that have made all the difference in my gym experience! 

What makes your gym sessions more efficient? 
Do you have a favorite fitness app?


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