Why I Stopped Buying Makeup

Do I need it?
But it looks just like the other palette I have. 
Well, everyone else is getting it. 
It's so hyped up, it must be amazing! 

~fifty dollars later~

I LOVE IT! IT'S LIFE! IT'S THE BEST! I'm gonna use it everyday!!

...And then it sits in a drawer for the rest of eternity. Untouched.

That basically sums up my experiences with makeup. And I'm just over it. Nothing is different anymore. Every new palette that comes out just looks like the last hyped up one (Kylie and Shaaanxo for example). I almost fell for the Too Faced Peach palette, and then I almost fell for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette.  But seriously, how many of the same colors do I need? 

palettes shown:  

I could go on a winded rant about how much of a waste all this "collecting makeup" is. But then I'd be a hypocrite because I totally fell into for a while. And then a gazillion dollars and a pile of expired makeup later.... here we are, I barely ever even wear makeup anymore. Le sigh. Can I get a refund on my stupid impulse buying? 

Instead of ranting here's a quick little list of why I cut the cord on purchasing anything other than basic needs. This problem for me applies mostly to eye shadow palettes, although this can totally apply to "how many peachy pink blushes do I need?", "how many matte foundations do I need?", "how many different concealers and black eyeliners do I need?"......

  1.  I currently don't wear a lot of makeup (summer time and all) but when I do, I'm not putting together any grand eye looks.
  2.  So. Many. Of. The. Same. Colors. - or very similar ones. 
  3.  The price of having a collection is ridiculous. Just the few palettes in the photo above is probably about $300. And I haven't hit pan on any of them and they're most likely already expired. 
  4.  I realized most gurus on YouTube were lying about products and I'm done being a sucker.
  5.  I'd rather buy food.

Maybe these companies just have us all hyped up over packaging, I've fallen for it so many times! That seems to be all the rage these days. Or maybe I'm just becoming a minimalist since downsizing my whole life. Or maybe I'm just finally getting smart about my spending?  Whatever it is, I'm so over wasting my money on makeup I don't need. I don't need every single "hot new item", the makeup buying trend is out of control right now.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MAKEUP. If it made sense to have it all, I'd love to have it all! If it cost nothing, I'd snatch it all up. If I win the lottery, I'll delete this post and go buy everything in Sephora! I mean, I was excited as ever when I got a Maybelline foundation powder in the mail yesterday from Influenster!  So maybe all this angst I have is actually just towards eye shadow palettes...

How is your makeup collection? Have you also thought about downsizing? 
Do you fall for packaging and hype too? 
How many eye shadow palettes do you own? 


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