Why I'm Obsessed With Grocery Hauls

a haul from my IG a long time ago

When I tell people I'm a picky eater, they never actually realize how deep that goes. I've spent most my whole life being so difficultly picky that it even annoys me. I've never been the most fun person to go out to eat with because I'll say "no" to almost every single place you suggest. Sushi? nope. Thai? nope. Indian? nope. Seafood? nope. ... Pizza? depends where it's from. And I live in Los Angeles, so almost everywhere you can go to eat is some sort of trendy AF joint with some weird ass food that you couldn't pay me to eat. This is probably why I have no friends.

Since rebuilding my life, I decided to start trying new things in all areas of my life, and since I've been transitioning to Veganism, food had to be at the top of that list!  Bring in.... grocery haul videos! I.AM.OB.SESSED.  I will watch every single one that I come across on YouTube, and I'll watch all the "what I eat in a day" videos too! And the ones that are "store specific" like Trader Joes and Costco are awesome too because that just makes it even easier to get the exact item! Seeing what people are buying has really changed the game for me, I've fallen in love with some foods that I've spent my whole life gagging at the thought of. For example; Hummus. Up until a few months ago, my reaction was "barf barf barf" and now I go through a container or two a week! Currently I only like the Cedar's Roasted Red Pepper, I'm not into the other flavors yet.

Here's a few that I've watched recently. I'm not sharing these particular ones for any special reason, I honestly watch so many I don't have any "favorites" to share. These were chosen just at random :)

The second one is much longer as she goes into detail about why she bought things and what she likes to make, etc. That's another thing I love, everyone has their own style of how they show their haul. Does this make me sound really old? I kinda feel like an old lady right now being all amped up and excited about groceries. 

Moral of the story is, I love these videos because they've opened me up to trying foods I never would have before and often it's foods that most people consider basic staples in their kitchen. I've lived a very sheltered food life and thanks to something as simple as seeing what's in your grocery cart is helping me so much! Also, now I really wanna start uploading my own grocery hauls to my channel!

Are you a picky eater?  
Do you like seeing what other people are buying? 


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