Why I Stopped Being Vegan

I'm bracing myself for my first ever hate comment with this post...

And you're probably thinking, "but Kelly, didn't you just start being vegan?!" Well, yea. And as much as my heart and soul wanted to be vegan, my body wasn't having it. Every body is different and for some (maybe most) vegan changed their body in a positive way. My body was fighting against this change and I couldn't take it anymore. For months and months I've tried to find the perfect vegan way for myself and it sadly just wasn't working out for me. While I'm still staying away from red meat, pork, and dairy (aside from the occasional pizza) I've added chicken back into my diet. So therefore - no longer vegan.

I learned through all of this that my body needs some lean protein. I wasn't getting nearly enough protein from the few options I had. I couldn't get the right amount of protein without consuming way way way too many carbs. I figured all this out by tracking my macros on the MyFitnessPal app, and I was exceeding my daily carbs, even with working out! I know the whole protein debacle is a big battle between vegans and non-vegans and I will tell you that from my experience and for me, there is not enough protein. I thought for sure I'd be ok but unfortunately that was just not my experience and I changed up my foods in many different ways over the months and it never worked out for me. Once all those carbs started packing on the weight I knew something had to change.  For my body, this is the fastest way for me to gain a lot of weight very quickly. So I made the tough choice to no longer be vegan so I can get the protein I need and drop these 9 pounds I gained. 

I feel awful about it because I was doing this for the animals and now I just feel guilty and like an asshole. I will still be making conscious vegan choices often, but eating up tons of mock meat is not a choice I want to make anymore. I still very much support the vegan lifestyle, I'm just not living it right now. And I of course felt obligated to come on here and share this since I've been so open about transitioning to vegan to begin with.

I've had a lot of big life changes this year and I'm incredibly overwhelmed by them still and I realized that I was very over stressed about making vegan work for me. I tried, but I just couldn't handle another big change. Not right now. 

Ok but now having said all that... here's a quick 1 minute video I made of "What I Ate Today" a couple weeks back - all vegan!  oh the irony...

here is the 1st video in a new "One Minute" series! whether it will be what I ate, what I did, or anything at all - 
I want to make fun short one minute-ish videos! Let me know if this is something that you like :) 

I hope I'm not disappointing anyone. I'm just trying to do what I feel is best for me day by day. 


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  1. i had decided to become a vegetarian back in March. I too was doing it for the animals. I lasted as a veggie for 47 day. The protein was a big issue for me as well. My diet was not very healthy and I was consuming so many carbs! I totally understand your choice to go back. Sometimes, when I eat meat, I feel sad. But I remind myself that I need to take care of me!