*blows dust away and clears throat*
Hey. Hi. What's up. 

Let's just get right to it. I'm done with blogging. I"ve been trying to come back to this space for all of 2017 and every time I amp myself up to do it, I just can't find the desire. I've moved on from the blogging world (clearly, I haven't posted in 9 months and barely any of the previous year also). 

Although probably only a few people will even see this post in this dead place - I still just wanted to come back and say goodbye. How annoying, right? It's like when you unsubscribe from an email and then they send you an email to let you know that you're unsubcribed. That's me in this moment - this blog is dead but I'm coming back just to tell you that it's dead. You're welcome. 

This was my little place, all for me. And because some of you liked it, I made some really awesome friends. I had fun here, I opened up here, and I shared some of the most painful and most exciting moments of my life. But the girl that wrote all those posts is not who is writing this one. I've grown and I've changed and I just don't connect with this space anymore. 

If you were one of my readers, blog friends, or just stopped by once, if you've ever left a comment, if you've ever left me advice, if you ever had anything to do with my time in this space... THANK YOU. 

If you've missed me terribly and can't live without my online existence, don't worry I'm still everywhere else! Let's be friends in other places :) 




I'm still into YT and occassionaly throw a video up
channel :: kellylouise616

I loved this little ride but it ended awhile ago and it's time for me to let go.
If I ever feel the need to blog again, it will be somewhere new.

Goodbye Six One Six/Petite Ramblings.