UPDATE! Nov 2014: I posted a 50 facts about me video!

prior to video....

I auditioned for a movie with Michael J Fox when I was 11. I didn’t get the part, but the girl in front of me did.

Life With Mikey

I have the same birthday as Tupac. If you knew me in middle and high school, you know how big of a deal this is. No really, look. And this is only ONE wall, out of 4.
if you're wondering about my gorgeous look, we can talk about that in a post later.

The boyfriend and I are both born and raised Bostonians. He has the accent; I don’t (even though my whole family does). We were on a Pop Warner team together at age 13, the Mustangs. We used to make out in the parking garage.
can't believe how young the age 13 used to look...
and hi, how awful were our cheering uniforms?!

Mariah Carey is my saving grace and has been since 1990, when I was 8 years old.

I haven’t had a microwave in 2 years. got one! 7/20/13

I usually speak without thinking. Which is great comedy for anyone close enough to hear the nonsense that comes out of my mouth.

Jenna Marbles follows me on twitter.

I put a lot of black pepper on almost everything I eat.

I’m not big into sports but I recently watched my first hockey game ever and fell in love! Go Bruins!

I love being early for my flights because I love hanging out in airports. Also, I LOVE flying!

One of my favorite movies of all time is If Lucy Fell and I've never met anyone else that has seen it. (other than my friends I've made watch it).

The soundtrack to that movie was the only one band called Marry Me Jane and that album was my everything for so many years and it's still one of my favorites!

I want to learn how to fly a helicopter. Or at least just fly IN one.

It’s really easy to scare me….like, to tears!

Chopped is my favorite show and it would be so dope to work for and be part of the team that picks the basket ingredients!!

I can never ever spell "necessary" without spell check. It's so annoying, I just can't get it.

I love the beach, but since it’s such a bitch to get anywhere in LA, we don’t go as often as I’d like.

I like to cook, but I’d like it way more if I had someone to clean up everything for me after. I wonder if Paula Deen is available...


  1. you had me at Mariah Carey :) hello fellow lamb!

  2. i LOVE your dreamcatcher tattoo! i have one on my forearm &it's my absolute favorite of the ones i have

  3. Gosh, I would love to cook if someone cleaned it up too!

  4. Brit Spears follows me toooooo....totally BFF' and Brit. We can share though ;)

  5. Sounds like you have had an exciting life.

  6. I also put alot of black pepper on everything. Oh the simple things in life to enjoy :)

  7. so exciting. Fun to see how others get out there.

  8. I can't believe anyone would love flying! I am terrified and require medication and booze just to get to the airport!

  9. When Paula is done at your house please send her to mine.

  10. My daughter collects dream catchers and the one on your arm is magnificent!